The Vulnerability of Independence

Last Night In Golden Square

Last Night In Golden Square

they put on such a display

with tales of before Independence Day

when Clement Payne and Grantley Adams

went head to head with the master of them days

Last night in Golden Square I saw something right there

yeah a delight to my eyes and my ears

Bajans giving homage to the heroes of their past

the words ringing out across the years

“educate agitate but do not violate”

and that is the stance which they take

at Golden Square,

A place where the young may learn, the arts advance

and politicians learn

that power resides in the people.

Image: Loop Barbados news

The Vulnerability of Independence

There is a certain kind of independence that can be vulnerable. Vulnerable to betrayal.

With the progression to Republican status Barbados is safeguarding itself both from external and internal acts that may want to rescind that Independence. Now we MUST stand alone and the only way to do that successfully is to remain faithful to who we are as a ‘grown up’ Nation and keep ourselves from falling to the traps and vagaries of life that would steer us away from true Independence. We have done pretty well since 1966, now as of 1 December 2021 we have to do better. We have to ensure that our values and our standards are even higher, equally as individual citizens and families as well as in our organizations. It may seem a tough call, but as a Nation we must raise our game and look to a higher order of things. We must stay faithful to the concept of ‘Nationhood’, and ensure also that we do not get hoisted on our own petard.

Remember, Independence can be a vulnerability when that independence is true Independence.

Last Night In Golden Square

Last Night in Golden Square

There was no real hullabaloo, no affray

Just an array of people well met and intent

on showing and sharing what Clement and Errol Barrow meant

by Freedom.

There were tales from the Standpipe, and old calypso songs

with melodies of struggle and growing-pains

The rebirth of the Landship much to my delight

And a wall, an Artists installation

With memorabilia and many names

of those who agitated and fought for rights


even some names of remembered peoples


before the conquerors or colonisers came.

So last night in Golden Square I shed a tear

For my history and theirs.

video from PMO of last night’s opening of Golden Square, Freedom Park, Bridgetown Barbados

Please enjoy the video. It is a cultural event so you may want to get some Mauby or Coconut Water and a few snacks together to watch the whole thing without interruption.

Thank you.


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