Picture Postcard 13

Thought he had me in a strangle-hold, he did.  
Wish somebody would put him down like the mangy dog he is. 
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Tonight’s Catch

 I had been walking for miles mulling over the fate of having hooked a splendid fellow that same evening, being lifted to cloud nine as we sipped cocktails, only to be tossed into the sea of traffic on St. James as he remembered a prior appointment. … More Tonight’s Catch

Musing On The Muse

Some don’t believe in muses, but At dawn mine spins my heart. I don’t deserve such tenderness. Perhaps one day we’ll part. Then I will look upon the day, Pretend she wasn’t real, Pretend those fairy tales were false, Pretend I do not feel. Written for dVerse Quadrille #25 hosted by Björn. via The Muse at … More Musing On The Muse

New Year Rules

Smile. Love. Forgive. Create. Get outdoors. Read. Learn something new-even just a new word. Try a new food. Exercise for 5 minutes minimum twice each day. (Start stretching/limbering up). Be HAPPY.  Life is not a rehearsal.