Barbados: Day of Nationhood

Well, we did it! We declared Barbados a Republic. As we turned 55 yrs. as an Independent Nation we installed our first President.

And no, I do not think it is a “kick in the teeth” of the English Monarchy, but rather a foreseen and necessary outcome.

Please enjoy the below video of the proceedings, which includes the Cultural Presentation that led up to the actual Declaration, Installation, and Independence Day events.

video by Merville Lynch Productions

This video of the Live Stream beginning late on the night of Monday 29th. November, ending in the early hours of Tuesday 30th. November, Independence Day, starts about 7:27 mins. into the stream.

Cultural Production is by the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados (NCF). Videography: Merville Lynch Productions for, and in association with, the BGIS and the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Barbados.

Here also is the video of this year’s Service of Thanksgiving.

video: PMO Barbados YouTube

It is a New Dawn for our island people.

And what of the Region?

We have heard talk of “future Barbados”, but is their a “future Caribbean”? A “future Latin/South America”?

We can engender a turnaround that would be the Springboard for a New Age of Commercial and Financial stability and prosperity. Such stability and prosperity would be the impetus for a New World Order where we depend less on other world Nations and Organisations, enabling us to take our place within the Global Arena as more able supporters of change and upliftment. As we access this place in a world economy to further a more ‘equatable’ self-sustaining Universe, such other nations and organisations will have that much more of their own economic resources to channel towards the development of their people and others. It is a dream. First the ‘status-quo’ and those clinging to the past, those willing to be regressive, will have to change. This is the foundation, the catapult for stability and prosperity across the board…if we have the will.


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