Picture Postcards

Some of you have really liked ‘Picture Postcards’ and find them intriguing, funny and even a thrilling read. Is it a mystery, or not?

Mac is a kinda crazy sort of guy, going on about his ex-wife, his money (or lack of it), his new-found mistress Barbados, threats, veiled threats and shady dubious “goings-on” that he has to sort out, his bestie Matey Boughe the only one he can truly trust……

His first postcard to Matey from Barbados is just that. No words, no writing. Maybe it’s just to let him know that he has arrived safely? If so, then his second and third are telling Matey what? And are the pictures of the postcards significant in Mac’s mind, or accidental?

He takes us on a rollercoaster ride in our minds. The mind of the fiction reader.

Now we are also getting to see a bit from Mac’s friend Matey via the Correspondence UK posts and to find out a bit more about his life through Letter from A London Lover posts.

For your easy reference, here is a collection of all the Picture Postcards, Letter from A London Lover, and Correspondence UK posts that appear in this beautifulbarbadosblog to date.


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Picture Postcard

Picture Postcard 2

Picture Postcard 3

Picture Postcard 4

Picture Postcard 5

Picture Postcard 6

Picture Postcard 7

Picture Postcard 8

Picture Postcard 9

Picture Postcard 10

Picture Postcard 11

Picture Postcard 12

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Picture Postcard 14

Correspondence UK

Letter from A London Lover