It’s that time of year again when I (we) really begin the “New Year”. We begin in earnest to institute our resolutions, plans consolidated in January, and to look forward to creating and building the life we want for ourselves – without undeserved harm to others. We are now fully mentally settled into the notion of it being a new year and another page in our life history.

It might be the first page of a new chapter or volume, and we want to at least have a good solid tightly woven gripping, and interesting, if not entertaining, new chapter. Therefore the first page must cleverly capture but not reveal all we need or intend to do.

We write our life history day to day in every thought, action, and non-action during its long minutes. Yes, minutes are long. A minute, unlike a moment, has that definite span, but even though it is only a minute it can contain enough thoughts and acts and failures to act or speak that in foresight, we realise we had enough time to make that right move. We realise that a minute is a long span of time. Like in a music score or dance, that minute can make or break the whole.

Many moons ago I had a chance at teaching what I called Life-Dance. Its components were/are by category The Dance of Life(c), The Dance of Death(c), and was based on principles of what is the Rhythm of Life.

In life we move to a rhythm, and we move within a rhythm. We need synchronicity as different aspects of our life, duties, connections etc may also have a certain rhythm, and getting this Dance of Life (c) right is a balancing act more needful of concentration than that of a gymnast or tight-rope acrobat or greatest juggler or limbo dancer. It is the Art in our otherwise physical scientific-based existence.

It is the determinant of achieving what we deem personal success. Personal success should not be defined by financial prosperity even if financial prosperity is one of our goals. Personal success should be by definition be more about our success as a person in living the type of life we desire that gives us ease of mind body and soul and which by extension has the power to positively affect others in our microcosms. We are Nature’s creatures. We are Natural beings. This is the first rule or premise of our existence.

So as a knowledgeable person (the Widow Badass whose bad-ass blog you can find here on WordPress) said in response to something I wrote: “Create the life you want.” And I say that you should try to do so minute by minute.

At the end of any chapter or book there is always some sort of accounting. And this accounting lets us decide whether we move on to a new beginning, a new chapter or series, or whether we just curl up and die.

Live each minute this year, and let the moments take care of themselves.

Someone who lives each minute!


  1. Defining success “as a person in living the type of life desired giving “ease of mind body and soul and which by extension has the power to positively affect others ….” is comforting (and right on time) for myself and in view of my offspring who have always been different, always Nature’s creatures. Thank you for this synchronicity.

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  2. “Live each minute this year and let the moments take care of themselves” – love this! So simple and rewarding yet can be so difficult to achieve. And thanks for the shout-out!


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    • Thank you. It can be difficult to achieve, especially when we forget to have a breathing time when we recalibrate and tweak a couple moves🙂
      You’re welcome. Hey, that post is one of your many with beautiful, well taken, calming nature shots that make u forget the shiitee and ‘breathe.’ Plus you are one of the people who seem to be living your destiny . Takes guts… and your blog shows it is possible to live each minute….

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