Bajan Sweet Treats

Sweets Vendor

Hey my SJM Crew. These last two days in this series are gonna be about Bajan (Barbadian) food that I like/love. There’s no better way than to end with the best. Today we’ll be looking at the sweet treat and drinks. 1.Sugar Cakes×222-sugar-cakes.jpg Although they have the name cake in them, these sweet treats […]

Bajan Sweet Treats

Figured it was time for a treat.

So I am re-blogging this article from simplyjustmyah, with its sugarcakes and snowcones, for you to have a look at.

It should give you all you need by way of info on one of my confectionery delights and some others as well. Like the irresistible TAMARIND BALLS! Ummm yum. Yum! Then there is the Sorrel drink, a somewhat acquired taste, not unlike Cranberry.

Check out the other Bajan food stuff like fish cakes and so on, elsewhere in the Blog site. The lady blogger is on a “just had a third kiddo break” which I expect will be temporary, but in any case we can still enjoy her articles and hints/links on Bajan stuff can’t we?

Happy Drinking.

Happy eating!


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