Well, Well…Optimise!


Some might say a perfect pain in the…..

Yet I believe, in fact I know, I am perfect.

When I feel betrayed and want to die, I am perfect. When I am angry with the pace or situation of my life, I am perfect. When I am happy, when I am depressed or sad, when I am trying to not “curl up and die” because all my efforts seem futile, I am perfect.

Well, well, you might say.

I am perfect!

I am at all times my optimum self. I am always me.

At my best, at my worst, or anywhere in-between, I am forever being and maintaining my mean. Not being average, but optimizing my all as a person.

When you are not (feeling) well it may be very useful to remember who you are and reclaim yourself. You do not need to practice a a particular lifestyle choice like a gym or yoga or fancy diet to be who you are. These choices may be for our health or feel-good, mental or emotional sense of well-being, but are not the significant aspect of who we are. Who we are determines who ‘we will be’ in the future or in any given situation. Maximise your being. Optimise your SELF.

Sure, when you are ill and going through pain – mine is longstanding shoulder/neck pain – you can get grumpy or even more in introverted, but if you maintain truth to your core being, loss of regime becomes no more stressful than the normal changes to our needs/desires that we deal with on a regular basis. After all, change is a part of life, and of growing.

By returning to Self, and acknowledging and feeding YOU, these changes (permanent or not) may not diminish who you are. Hold on to your inspiration, that purpose which makes everything about your life beautiful and worthy. Reject the pressure to re-define yourself by some programme that is personally out of sync with your own goals, as the success offered might be a delusion or a digression from the positive real and meaningful success you were headed for. Not all success is success.

Remember, we cannot always control or influence external factors which may attempt to play on our minds or bodies, but we can control us. We can be our own influencers.

Personal wellness is a factor of our personal well-being. Being swell to ourselves. Choose ambitions and goals that are attainable given your inspiration and ability toolkit. Choose stuff that does not stress you, or cause you to feel depressed afterwards. Choose people and places to visit that lift or soothe you. Choose to deal with pain, physical alterations to life, loss, gain, or any change, in a way that is true to you.

“I am no one if not myself.” – Queen Hephzibah

So even though the pain(s) in my body may try to play me, even though I am still not the owner of a yacht, even though I might have to beg for help to buy a ticket to Barbados later this year 🙂 and even though my name is not in lights and I did not get national/international acclaim as a playwright or actor; even though I am so full of myself at times and so blase or unfeeling at other times and even though some people obviously hate me and some love me; even though I am understandably often misunderstood and too wordy; even though I wish I would win the Lottery and still can’t get around to buying a ticket each week; even though I have not got a clue as how to get some things sorted to my pleasure; even though……..

I, in all my glorious moments and in all my lowest phases, am living my OPTIMAL SELF.

Perhaps, just perhaps, that is all the gods require of me.

Stay well. And if you cannot optimise your life, make sure you at least optimise your self – in body mind and spirit. You owe it to you. Only you can be perfectly you, as I am perfectly me.


Hillel’s quote in Me, Myself and I: Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14


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