After A Few Drinks

snail on sidewalk

Perfectly Tipsy


As I  was walking home one night, a little tipsy, I saw a snail.

After a few drinks they say, some things look rather interesting.  I spent all of three minutes observing the terrestrial gastropod mollusk before I wondered why.   Oops! I am tipsy!  I then remembered my trusty camera, and to prove I was not tipsy and stupidly, idly, staring at a snail, I took a photo.  There!  I am an artist an a photographer, I signaled to anyone observing me from behind their curtained windows.

Yep, I thought as I worked my way up from a would-be squat, I am pleasantly pooped!  I walked off  high-stepping  with my head held high as I endeavoured to get the lens cap back on.  Tricky business when you’ve had a few drinks.  Buy hey, the photo is perfect! Perfectly tipsy.


Warning:  Alcohol may be harmful to young people and snails.



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