19 Crimes – The End.

Australian Wine

I finally opened the bottle more than a week after purchasing the wine. Our dance and foreplay was over. It was time to get down to business. But first….

I went out and bought a new implement to uncork this strangely named wine.

I could not go into this stage of the game and it become messy. You see, my old implement threatened to cork the wine rather than uncork the bottle as it was light-weight and too short in the screw. This I determined after I had removed the wrapping from around the mouth of the bottle, so I played the waiting game and this time I became the “tease”. So stand there on the table with cork exposed it did.

Once I had got my new tool it seemed that I could go no further… What was I afraid of? Oh, my mental state! I must get a man!!

At last I was ready to apply the new cork-removing implement, turn the screw, and…wait...for a few moments which seemed a lifetime.

Retracting the wings on the un-corker, I at last was able to breathe; a sigh of relief. The cork was tougher than I had expected and I bent an arm of my Brand new thingy. I really am out of practice with this type of intercourse.

I avoided sniffing the uncorked bottle of 19 Crimes wine however, and just let its “vapour” escape naturally. Admiring the opened bottle of wine took a couple of minutes, as I was again transfixed by what the associated history represented.

A small glass, a tumbler really is what I used for my first sip, and for all the sips (or mouthfuls) thereafter that I imbibed, in consumation.

The “spirit” of this wine defies contemplation. It is a real wine. It is a true wine. Contemporary and contretemps at the same time.

Not too heavy or thick yet with a ‘good’ (enough?) body. Closer to sweet than tart, and yet with a certain strength.

19 Crimes….punishable on conviction by Transportation.” “Based on real events from the 1800s” this red wines is labeled as “A liquid ode to {Australia’s} past,” which “honours the history they wrote and the culture they built.”

As a red wine it is not so red as burgundy, but as an ode to those transported who laid the groundwork for the Australia of today, it sings of the harshness and pain those ‘criminals’ endured as would any number of grapes attest to, under broiling Sun and threshing floor.

An apt wine for an opportune time. Cheers!

My affair with this particular bottle of red blend is over. Having consummated our ‘relationship’ I am satisfied to hold off on encounters with the other related characters from this Australian group.

My wine was a John Boyle O’Reilly masterpiece of poetry and stories to challenge and induce a strong backbone. I don’t think I shall take him on again, but that’s because he did the trick. I shall keep the bottle though, as one keeps mementos of defining meaningful events in one’s life. For this wine, and all it stood for, and particularly my encounter with gentleman O’Reilly was an event.

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