Barbadians in High Command- 2

This second post on Barbadians in Command focusses on an 11 year old environmentalist, Maria Marshall.

As you can see she is little with a big voice and a passion for climate change /environmental matters. These assets are what brought her to use her growing intelligence and skills to take on a challenge to stir her fellow youngsters to be thinking what they could do to address their little thoughts to help grown-ups behave themselves. Her audience will grow I am sure, as she is in command of herself and what she has still to accomplish. The demand for this young Barbadian in High Command may appear small but truthfully for an 11 year old, it is great. The youth, and mature Barbadians, see her as a leader with a strong sense of duty.

In November 2020 Maria became Barbados’ youngest award-winning filmaker. She had already in 2019 won our National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (a bloody big thing) but then went on to win the UNDP Small Island Future Fest.

Along with her her YouTube channel “Little Thoughts on Big Matters“, which is geared towards motivating her peers, she is getting some valuable experience with interviews which she handles well. Her passion and exposure bodes well for the future.

Smile Jamaica video

First off there was the visit to our Prime Minister’s residence for the all important meet up with Madam Mia. Subsequently she has chatted with Orlando Bloom and Smile Jamaica, as well as being interviewed and featured by the local and regional press and UNICEF, Face2Face Africa and

Image: GIS Barbados

She is now in demand for comments, little thoughts, and in general, opportunities to highlight the environmental concerns as only she can. Surely she is in Command of the future of our Environment.

Here she is in a unicefeca world childrens’ day feature.

Film and the environment are her thing, and putting them together has earned her a win in Bajans’ hearts. Watch this one, she is destined for great things.

Below is a link to a Twitter clip of Maria giving a few tips on being careful when dealing with volcanic ash from the recently erupting volcano in St. Vincent. It has had almost 3000 views which says to me that Maria’s desire to show her peers that their “little voice” can be heard on “big matters” is not a foolish one.

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