Bajan Food – Fish Cakes

Bajan Fish Cakes are a delightful delicious delicacy that can fill a gap and stave off hunger. They brighten a dinner plate or serve as an interesting addition to a formal culinary experience when presented as finger food ( just stick a toothpick in them, and pop them in a basket with some chopped parsley sprinkled over). With an appropriate dips, like Garlic, Onion or Chilli ‘n Chive arranged prettily alongside, these Bajan Fish Cakes will get your guests gabbling nicely.

My favourite dip or accompaniment is the Bajan Pepper Sauce. In fact I use Bajan Peppersauce on and in nearly everything, including soup, so it is not too surprising that I also love my Fish Cakes dipped in the stuff.

For me the hotter Fish Cakes are served, the better. And that includes straight from the pan and slightly dripping with a bit of oil.

When we made it at home Tumeric and Chilli peppers and the wonderful Scotch Bonnets from the backyard garden had a strong role to play. We would pound the previously soaked and de-boned “salt fish” in the mortar until it was all fluffy and light, before adding seasoning which included a sprinkling of finely chopped Spring Onion, a pinch or two of salt, and the grand peppers. I preferred getting most of the seeds out of the peppers (after all there would be plenty of them in the Pepper Sauce) but the older male folk liked the seeds in. Murderrrr! Talk about Hot Fish Cakes!! You had to fan your mouth and wipe your runny eyes, and blow your nose while eating them, but it was good for the sinuses – I think.

I’ve found two recipes for this gastronomical delight which you might want to try later on this lovely Sunday. The first is from The Home Cooks blog, and the second from Xardija’s. {Pinged/reproduced content remain their property}.

The snackability factor of Bajan Fish Cakes should be satisfyingly what you need for the Easter holidays. And remember you can make them as hot or as mild as you desire, so they are quite child and vegetarian friendly. 🙂

Bon Appetite. ❣

The Home Cooks

Have you ever tasted anything so delicious in your life? Our Bajan fish cakes transports you to the calm yellow sandy beaches of Barbados. Unlike fish cakes you get in England, Bajan fish cakes come with a kick from red pepper and the Famous Bajan Hot Pepper Sauce. The recipe is adaptable depending on how […]

Bajan Fish Cakes

Xardija’s Barbados Fish Cakes

Xardija’s Bajan fish cakes are delicious and great for parties and when you want something different. Most Barbadians love fish cakes and you can often see someone eating them, selling them in local shops or at various events. Are you a finger food lover, then you must try this Bajan fish cake recipe! Ingredients 1 […]

Xardija’s Barbados Fish Cakes


  1. Scotch Bonnets?! Those are way above my capsicum grade. Eating PART of a home-grown habanero taught me all the respect I needed.

    One little fingernail-sized slice got sweat spitting out my forehead and cost me the half-gallon of milk I chugged. Lesson 2: Later that night I took my contacts out.
    Lesson 3: Next morning I found I didn’t wash the contacts well enough.
    Lesson 4: The Passing.

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  2. Mmmmmmm….fish cakes!!!! Coconut Court serves them (along with rum punch) at their manager’s reception, weekly. That’s how I was introduced to this delicious food. Even my travelling companion who dislikes fish loved them.


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