A Video Wot I’m In

‘Streets of London’ by Ralph McTell featuring the Crisis Choir and guest vocalist Annie Lennox

Since being back in the UK I have been homeless.  I was not coming right back into work, and when I left, the erstwhile landlord sold the flat which I had been living in.  So back I came with not a great deal of money (Barbados and Canada were holidays spent with the  help from family/friends).  I had the choice of emptying pockets of said family/friends on  a single room for a few months or going it alone.  Not much of a choice as said family/friends are definitely not wealthy and one can stretch benevolence and friendship only so far – until it pops.   I certainly did not wish to test them.  So off I went into the world of ‘homelessness’.

In truth it was not my first sortie into this grey area of societal living.  I figured it would only be for a few months anyway and hey, I was older and stronger this time around and knew the ropes so to speak.   Besides, said family/friends were still there in the wings.  In fact I did take advantage of their sofas and other hospitality from time to time.

It has turned out to be a strangely re-affirming experience.  Understand me, I do not like the tag or the reality of ‘homelessness’ but something has once again shifted in me.  I know my Destiny.  No, I am not going to appraise you of it.  Suffice it to say I have started on what appears to be a New Life.  Would this still be so if I had come back and gone straight into a work-home cosy routine?  Maybe not.  Some say we create our destiny.  I now say we fall into line with it; otherwise, what we have is merely ‘fate’.

Enjoy the video wot I’m in and Purchase/Download the tune if you may.  The funds go to British Charity,  Crisis.

Being homeless did not stop me from doing all the things I prefer.  It made me focus on the things I am cut out (created?) to do, despite the trepidation.  So yes, I am still singing and into the Arts – still living – but in a new kind of way.  A more fearless way.

Locate your core and go for your Destiny.

Happy Christmas and a super holiday period to you.


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