Houses In Barbados



The nature and style have changed over the years.



So too has the elevation and overall complexity.



Legislation concerning the roof of any newer house has meant that the old flat roof is no longer allowed and houses must have these slanted types reminiscent of the chattle house.  Architecturally more in keeping with tradition and the need for hurricane resistant structures.




The flatter roof is more susceptible to being carried away by a good gusty hurricane wind.  Roofs like the one below are ‘old fashioned’ by the new standards.


Still, no matter the roof, it is good to see that Solar heating remains in vogue.


Some houses have intricate designs and ornamentation while others are plain.




A lot of buildings are in process.  Some started before the Recession are only now getting their final coats of paint and accessories.


Yet all in all the housing stock is something to be proud of.  Those who own and rent have worked hard to make their dwellings welcoming and comfortable, even if in some cases their homes are also their places of business.



Colourful and clean with a garden and some plants and/or trees, and a verandah where possible.

Even the different type of ‘starter homes’ are residences of hope and joy.  The ‘housing schemes’ below were the fashion many years ago,  but have been replaced with more individual housing I understand.  The individual housing are small homes with land for extension, unlike the ‘housing scheme’ where no such addition is possible.


Almost all these photographs were taken in and around a particular locality, but I hope they give you an idea of what Barbadian houses look like.  Wooden or wall, except for the traditional chattle house, the structure and basic design is pretty universal.  It is still highly unusual for a house to be more than two stories, though unfortunately that seems to be changing.  However, most people still seem to prefer to go with the bungalow type structure if given the choice.



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