Sunburst ll

Solace in solitude.

Sometimes we need that space and place (and time) to let the cosmos do its thing.

I’ve had that ‘sunburst moment’ it seems, when everything just falls into place; when the unexpected happens, and it is good.

I have had a vacation from the hurly burly of Life, and my life, thanks to health problems and yes, financial restraints. Due to some considerations from those in a position to allow it, I have managed somehow to have a lot of angst and stress relieved or removed. I have come a long way to getting what I call the elementals in alignment with who I am, and as I sat at my computer reminiscing with yet another old film from better more memorable times in my six decades of life on this planet, it happened.

The sky opened and the Sun burst from among the not now so gloomy clouds. I received a message offering me something that only someone who truly knows me, and dare I say, loves me as I am, would think to offer. An opportunity to be me and do what I love, no strings attached.

Why do I describe it as a ‘Sunburst’? Because this friend need not have remembered me or thought of me; after all we have not seen each other for years. They have been and are doing well, while I have been….well, let’s just say…not quite with it for even longer than we have been out of touch. Because when it happened I saw more clearly than I have for many a day. Because when it occurred I had become content with Life. Because when it happened it came out of the blue, no warning.

Sometimes we need that space and place (and time) to let the cosmos do its thing.

There is Solace in Solitude.


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