Barbados National Independence Day

Today is Barbados’ National Independence Day. The celebrations started with the usual National Independence Thanksgiving Service. Since moving into Republic status last year some things have changed and some things have remained the same… but Barbados is still Barbados.

The National Independence Thanksgiving Service which took place on 27 November marking our first year as a Republic.

The Government has been making strides in pulling the country together and in motivating our people to work together to build and repair our land. New ventures, new ideas. Old dangers, old problems. Things have changed and things have remained the same…

A new “Fresh Guard“, new financing, new place in world economic affairs. Old fears, older enemies.

Today the effect of turning Republic does seem to be, after all, the garnering and nurturing of a new national identity. Perhaps it is just a repairing of what was broken, but the collective voice is proving be be stronger, more focused and more distinct. It also appears to be more positive.

Public meetings with the Constitutional Reform Commission which is charged with delivering Barbados’ new Constitution are more recently begun and are gaining solid ground; while the Parish Meetings to thrash out ideas and problems with government and organizations have been going well all year. All in all Barbadians can be and stay informed and have their views noted directly by those they deem appropriate.

A Constitutional Reform Commission meeting. A Parish meeting.

For what it is worth, I am happy with my island home making the best of what it has to raise development and ride the tide of social/economic change. One year on from becoming a Republic, I can still say: “Love you Barbados”.

Happy National Independence Day.



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