I Want you To Visit Barbados

I want you to visit Barbados.  I want you to get to know some of the people there whom I cherish.  I want you to stay long enough or visit often enough to have a real experience of the island nature and the country.  I want you to get to know it.  I want you to love it…and its people.

Other Caribbean islands offer some of the same type of product: Sun Sand Sea and balmy nights.  Places to love and fall in love.  However, Barbados to me is more than the sum of its sights.  It is a place to be born and re-born.

It is a special little island with quaint peculiar and quite often forthright people of mixed races, roots, and feelings.  Yet it is one small island of peaceful unity.

Outsiders understand us as a nation to be a serious not too stupid lot.  When they fully relax they too begin to see why of all the places in the Caribbean and the surrounding Region Barbados and Barbadians have a certain strength and purpose akin to a fully developed larger Nation.   

I want you to visit Barbados.  I want you to live there for a while. It will enhance your maturity (matured-ness).  It will enhance your education and perspective.  It will add meaning and clarity to your life’s goals.  It will open a door for you.  It will chasten you, without pain.

If you think I’m joking just visit and see.

Holidaymakers enjoying a late afternoon in Barbados

I want you to visit Barbados.

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And don’t forget to check out the 12 Month Stamp experience

Full Covid-19 Protocols can be checked at visitbarbados.org.

Thank you for visiting Barbados


    • Ah, the soothing Codrington College. One of my favourite places despite the oft implied ‘bad’ history. I used to go on retreat there in my younger days, and even took my grandmother once. She really felt at peace there. If they still do them I’m willing to do another whenever I get back home. Care to join me? 🙂


  1. Barbados is, indeed, a beautiful island. It’s the birthplace of my maternal grandfather and several of his children. My mother has happy memories of growing up on the island and once expressed a desire to be buried there. I’ve enjoyed two visits during the 1980s, but have not been back since leaving Guyana.

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    • Well it is time we both did a tour of the whole Caribbean! lol. I am so toying with the desire to travel through the region (SA + Caribbean) as I hoped to when I ended up coming here to stay. I have spent time in a few islands but would love to do so for extended time now. Perhaps we will get blessed and do a grand tour.

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    • Oooh Good. Who knows, I might be there. Plan was for this year, Canada (Bradford,Ontario) in September and stay til go Barbados in November but….
      Thank you for re-visiting my lil rock. I pray you get there safely.


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