Fresh Guard

On the 19th of January 2022, Barbadians once again went to the polls to elect a Government. Once again the Hon. Mia A Mottley and her team were given a clear mandate to govern. Once again they won, this time all 30 seats of representation.

The Gods Decided

Despite all the hullabaloo of the vocal rabble who had their own agenda for Barbados, including, as I was warned, making it an Islamic republic, it appears that the ‘Gods’ have spoken. Barbados would have gone republic, but under Ms. Mottley it would be a mere Parliamentary Republic and not an Islamic one as a strong minority in the major opposing party were apparently hoping to initiate.

The fact that Ms. Mottley did not fall to the foolhardy in going to referendum, thereby delaying the move once again was touted as ‘dictatorial’ rather than, as I see it, politically strategically necessary. More so because it was the view of her party that the time was right as the world is seemingly headed in the direction of war among other changes. This time war would not lay us open to being conscripted if we as a nation had the gall to not answer when/if called. Addiitionally, as they have proved, the move was good for the country, placing it at this time in a better, safer, more sound and more advantageous position in the international political arena.

The promptings of previous chants of “mia must go” driven by insanity and the touted belief that she was going to mandate vaccinations, together with a fairly regular and continual bashing of most anything she or her government did or said, began to seem to me as designed to hurt Bajans. In some cases, in my opinion, these were outright efforts to destabilize or mount insurrection.

For an opposition Senator, schooled in Labour Law to call out his faction of workers on strike based on his belief without evidence that the government was going to implement certain actions was bordering on lunacy driven by desire of a not so amiable kind. The strike was inter alia not in keeping with the tenents of Law as even the ILO agreed. So bashings on local radio call-in programmes, social media, and other public sources continued as the agenda became very clear. It seemed the madding crowd was inveigling others in the adamant effort to ‘get rid of mia at all costs’. “To the detriment of the country even?” would have been my question.

With no really sound basis, accusations and insults were being slung about. It was at this hour that Ms. Mottley, rightly so, decided: You know what, let’s have a general election.

I say rightly so because the negative energy being generated could/would have fed upon itself, especially given the stringent nature of life under the covid-19 fumes. The silly few were spawning a ‘silly season’ of a negative kind to which the appropiate political and peaceful response could only be to have it transposed into the normal ‘silly season’ of election. This, to me, was a sensible decision therefore, by the Government of Barbados. Negate the negative and take the wind out of their sails; and let the ‘Gods’ decide.

video: PMO

So on 27 December 2021 the Rt. Hon. Mia Amor Mottley called for general elections to clear the air. Elections were constitutionally due in 2023.

Some who were watching and listening could not grasp where she was going in this address. They should have listened to the woman. Instead they were trying to stir things up as usual. It was clear that this lady, this woman, was bordering on ‘tired and fed-up’. She was airing her grievance and disappointment first, and pointing out the futility of serving well only to be unjustly vilified by those you serve. She was saying, you don’t want me or mine, let us go.

I thank all ‘Gods’, having had not a clue what would be the situation after the votes were counted, that the tomfoolery of the rabble proved unequal to basic common sense and mental clarity. At this time Barbados needs to be pulling together to weather all storms. There will probably be time enough when things are working well again to foist challenges and play politics. But for now the opposition itself, even without the minority in the minority of the population, has not demonstrated any proper workable plans for itself far less the nation. I say leave Mia and the her party alone. If there is a truly just cause for criticism or caution, then voice it, otherwise shut up and look to yourselves. I want the best for my island home and you have nothing to offer.

Fresh Guard

The decisive act on 19 January 2022 by the people of Barbados cannot be claimed to have been a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction as some claimed concerning that first historical 29-1 defeat of the opposition parties. This can only mean that the will and the desire of the people is to be led into their future by this chosen group of people of their own soil. Respect this. Let there be no dissent in the country or nation. To quote: “One Love. One Light. One Nation.”

PM Mottley

Ms. Mottley called for a return to National reasoning, National focus, and National consideration for an overall better National well-being. A sound footing for the path ahead. as what is best for Barbados should override personal goals.

A fresh guard will be announced on Monday 24 January 2022, but we know already that the Hon. Dale Marshall is now Attorney General and the Hon. Santia Bradshaw is Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly.

This fresh guard will require that necessary moves be not termed draconian or dictatorial, that seemingly passive moves be not called out as timid but that all decisions be weighed in respect of what is best for Barbados. Social harmony must be regained.

For me, a fresh guard should be saying also: “We ain’t tekking nuh shit nuh moah” to the mad hatters; because it is Our Barbados.

The Hon.Santia Bradshaw Leader of Gov’t Business in House of Assembly, Barbados
image: Barbados government Information Service (BGIS)

Here’s to the safety and security of Barbados. May it go on to prosper and in doing so blaze a trail for democracy, transparency, and accountability.


Note: In Barbados election time is called ‘the silly season‘.

Speech made by the Hon. Mia A Mottley immediately after election results: Mia Amor Mottley (Facebook Video)

The swearing in ceremony of the P.M. and Attorney General of Barbados done for the first time as a Parliamentary Republic placing all allegiance to Barbados alone.

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