Picture Postcard 15

tree stump with hole

Dear Matey,

Well the travels are over and I am settling down. Got the big event over as well.

Not worried as everything seems in hand, except for a few ragtag rabblers who trying their hand, not realizing that the thing is done. Finished. Sort of like the guys on D-Day who didn’t know the war was over? That’s ’em.

Someone said, “Well the battle’s now begun.” Not sure what they mean. Bit silly really, but hey, I guess when you don’t want ta accept defeat you huff and puff and throw a couple sticks o dynamite. So yeah, really, just a few minor details to sort out, for the smaller big event.

Not to worry. Everyone chipping in and it all looks good.

This was some year eh Matey? A good year though. Much improvement on the last one. Was good to see you for that brief spell too. Sorry we didn’t get to do Japan, but Taiwan is the business, ain’t it? Heheh.

Well, I’m off. Got to get a swim in before curfew.

Call us before the New Year sets in why don’t ya. Be good to hear your voice and might help clear me head. Can’t even contemplate 2022 yet, ’cause much still to unfold. Keep your ears peeled mate.

Your forever friend (and servant),


P.S. I heard Matilda’s father died. Best news in a while. Maybe she’ll be next. Heheh.

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