A Barbadian China Revolution

CynTee an’ OwlGah (A New Saga)

A day or so ago, Boysie come down de road and spot up de two old girls, CynTee and OwlGah pun deh verandah. Here’s wha happen. CynTee did singing some song and Boysie had ta ask she why she singing it. Who tell he do dat?! CynTee and AwlGah let loose pun he tail wid dey latest “analasees” ah wha’ gine on in Buhbaduss.

CYNTEE: War war, rumours of a war…….War up north, war down south…war war…

BOYSIE: CynTee, heh heh, wha’ ya singing da song fah? Dah song too young fah you.

CYNTEE: An’ you too young fa me. Lef ma lone do. We in dis country in de pick a tings and you bout hay mekking joke. Boysie: In de pick a wha’ tings, CynTee? Heh heh, you…

OWLGAH: Boysie looka dis ting, lil Buhbados got dem forring big wigs in a pickle. Uh, mean dey cussing we out fa teking China money, talking bout China leveraging someting or udder. Buh why we shun tek China money doh? Dem gi’in we some? Next ting ya know some nin-come-poops writing pun the social media ting dat we get rid a dem Queen an dey en coming back to visit we islan’ evva again. Stupse. Wha dey tink, dat we cahn get tourisses from somewhere else?

CYNTEE: Dey got udda countries in de world dat would love ta come hey, Australia and New Zealand, fa example. Ya know some Bajans got sent dey as slaves too.

OWLGAH: And CHINA! An’ de U.S. an’ Canada, an’ Spain, an’ Portugal, an’ Norway, an’……

CYNTEE: Looka, dah man Hugentot or whaevva dum is call he spouting nuff nonsunse. All a duhh better stop washing duhh mout pun we, cause duh like dey trying to start saahing. Mekking asperchuns bout we, from dey govment ministry positions! Dah is nigh nex kin ta ‘trowing down de gauntlet.’

OWLGAH: Just goes ta show wha dey really tink bout we. If we forren minister did suh free wid he tongue bout dey personal affairs I betcha dey woulda call he in fa a rap pun de knucles and deman’ a apology.

CYNTEE: Duh did pouting duh mouts cause Mia aint tell dey forrin office bout going republic. De furse dem hear, is when the Mason lady deliver de throne speech las yearh.

OWLGAH: Buckingham Palace did know. Wha’ dey hadda know fuh? Uh?

BOYSIE: But we just lil Buhbaduss,. Heh heh. So who we tink we is doh?

CYNTEE: I wud tell dum who we tink we is. We is independent, an’ FREE. An’ it look ta me now dat we happily rid o dem. Why dey din offer de money dat de Chinaman offa? Cause duh din care,1,

BOYSIE: Or dey din got nun ta spare…

CYNTEE: …an’ 2! cause dey had we where dey duh want we.

OWLGAH: Bruggahdown! As soon as dey see we start serios talk bout going republic dis time, an’ all dem shouting chite trying ta put fear in people hearts an’ turning up dey nose at we. Happy riddence I say. I din too keen on dis republic ting, but when I see an’ hear dem stirring up tings, I did praying ta gawd dat Mia got the guts to go tru wid it. We ain da slaves na moar!! Not the Wite wuns, nor de Black wuns, nor mix-up wuns eida. We is ALL free barbadians.

CYNTEE: An’ by gawd we ain gin’ be slaves to China neida! We know we worth. We know we puhsition historically globally and most important geographically.

OWLGAH: Ya know wha’, I glad um is China cause if duh try any foolishness I wuh ask the chinaman ta nuke duh white uppity backsides. Looka duh got ma real vex, trying to denigrate ma country cause we do wha’? De Queen sheself and de Prince (boy, I too luv ee) ain gi’ a nat’s fart bout it.


CYNTEE: I ain too sweet bout the Prince, he awright I guess, but he didna ha’ to marry daah adulterating old horse. He mudda doh, she a good enough wun. I remember she when she did young. Poor ting ain had a clue when she become Queen, but she had a heart, and she din really uppity, ya know. She did good, real good as Queen, ah tell ya. Cause she got dignity, true class. An’ we didna had much a nutten to fear from she.

BOYSIE: Class is class doh, fa trute. I unnerstan. Dey say dey sorry to see we go but dey demselves had enough respect fa we ta shake han’s, na hard feelings, and we still be friens—see ya in de turning.

OWLGAH: But dah wun dey got set up to be king when Charles gone, humph!

CYNTEE: So yeah, um is war. We gin tek ANYBODY money as long as dey unnastan’ dey gine get x.x.x. an’ no more. Iffen dey wan’ wha ain on offer, den “by by”.

OWLGAH: Ya see it is we doing the leveraging, not China. China jes see a good deal, fa now, and hook up. But evva Chinaman know dat we ain fa sale. Dey cah ask any a dee Chinese Bajans who did living here FA YEARS. Wha’, ya tink dem gine sell out? No bosie, dey love Buhbaduss. Dey is more true Bajan dan some a dem bigmout idiots wuns dat only vex cause it Mia dat do the deals an’ de republic ting.

CYNTEE: De ting is, Mia do it proper and better, and she ain got it in fa we like dat last group did. I went to de feather man dat does rattles de bones, you know who ah mean, an’ he look in de san’ an’ he suh: Mia ok yeah, she got a plan an’ a desire to help. Plus I know she ain na ashhole like fewndull. If dem Chinese tink dey cah kafuffle she, da WRONG. All I suh is, check dem structures wid a Bajan firm cause I ain want dem roads or de runways collapsing.

OWLGAH: An’ ah tell yah, “scratch my back an’ I’ll scratch yours” like she doin’ ain nutten like whoring, an’ it ain de same as ‘conditioned slavery’ whay ya got ma pun a leash dat ya cud yank anytime ya feel like, nevva mine ee running bout tinking ee free.

CYNTEE: Dah ting wha’ Mia an’ she guvment do is politic ting. A hustle an’ bustle like wha’ dem does do in Amurca. I hope she get some more nuff-money contracs an ting ta help wid de techno and agriculcha building.

OWLGAH: An’ wukking wid de Chinese ain like gehhin in bed wid ya own dam enmy. Not like dem young monachits doing.

CYNTEE: So yeah, um is war. Dey cuh fight one annudder til duh die; but doan try ta fight we, cause by gawd we can stan’!

OWLGAH: An’ we knows our position, strategicly an‘ morally.

BOYSIE: Doan leh na body hear you yuh.

CYNTEE: Wha’ da gine do? Bomb we??

OWLGAH: Looka, ah wonder iffen de japneses wanna gi’ we some money, ah mean invesmen.

BOYSIE: De big pikshur unfoldin.

CYNTEE: Sure as Dawn breaks day. An’ dey got plans. Ya lissen ta de news? De Blue Economy an’ de metaverses an’ de nomads. You tink dis gov’ment ain’ got sight, and brains an’ balls ta boot?! Dey leading, dey guvning, an’ dey blazing a new high trail dat de lowlife cud only wish ta copy. We gine fa “World Citizenship” or as she say, “Global citizens wid Bajan roots!!

Some stuff fa ya’ll ta reed:

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“…too subtle for many to understand.”

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video: naru makin, youtube


    • I think perhaps they’re scared of their own “dumbing down”, but with the region still having to face monetary/ fiscal upheaval (as often is) they perhaps also thought they could hang on til the world was more clearly redefined in view of covid disruptions. We moved amidst the chaos, and that is startling.
      We await the decisions of the gods. 🙂
      Be good. 👍🏼

      Liked by 2 people

      • “We moved amidst the chaos, and that is startling.”
        ~ I can well imagine how startling that could be; even devastating to some. As I’ve experienced in life following the disintegration of my marriage and abandonment in Brazil, it is the chaos that propels us to make the difficult changes needed to move forward in a new direction.
        ~ After listening to a number of speeches by Prime Minister Mia Mottley, I have confidence in her ability to lead Barbados in the right direction during these chaotic times. May the gods be with her!

        Liked by 1 person

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