Barbados Colourblocks

Trust me, there are plenty of reasons to love Barbados. Enough reasons to keep me going back over and over again, making it my most repeated destination by far. Early morning swims at Browns Beach. ZR van adventures. Egg Cutters for lunch. Tree frogs at night. Shopping on Swan Street. Drinking Cockspur in the rum […]

Barbados Colourblocks

I was so taken with this article on Barbados’ colourful buildings, way back in 2020 when it was written that I saved it. Somehow, each time I revisited it I did not feel quite ready to share it here. For the past two days I have been ‘seeing’ it and feel it is time to share it here. (or go mad I guess).

The above linked article, Barbados Colourblocks by Seesaw Travels, is a wonderful inspiring selection of visuals caught on camera of some Barbadian walls. Yes, walls. And these walls appears as blocks. The writer mentions some of the things she loves in Barbados, and why she has done this piece. My thought when I saw her post was “this is art“, and it made me reconsider how we take some things of our culture or tradition so lightly that we fail to see the real truth or beauty. We can miss the purpose, the main offering.

It is definitely part of our culture and tradition to use vibrant colours. Our architecture consists of buildings inherited from history and those subsequently erected by locals. In every community there is a mass of colour giving testament to our love of vibrancy and brightness.

Colour is abundant in any tropical island as we take our cue from Mother Nature. To say the use of colour is due to our island’s heritage as a former slave colony would not be the full truth as we could have chosen to water down this aspect of our physical environment as other elements of that heritage have been.

And what of other places that enjoy colour? The Spaniards, Latinos and Asians for example seem to embrace a splash of colour; and not all have been subject to an African heritage.

Fact is whether the local population originated in Africa or England, as Caribbean people we all love a bit of colour. It brightens us up and gives us a lift. Ask any Painter or Photographer. A bit of colour gives an element of fun or Life to the subject being view which is reflected to us. An element of positivity.

Our brightly painted buildings are in many cases blocks of art giving to us what art gives, Sight. It is a matter of outlook, n’cest pas?


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