Handmade Homemade Hardy Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Whether living in or visiting Barbados there is much to keep you and the children well occupied.

There are attractions which draw tourists and locals alike, satisfying a common taste for pleasurable informative or educational experiences. Some places and events are well known yet some are still somewhat a novelty to even my Bajan friends and their families.

Take Earhworks Pottery for example. 

“Where dat?” you ask. Answer: In the centre of Barbados, in the parish of St. Thomas.

Producing quality dinnerware and serving pieces as well as trinkets, lamps, tiles and art pieces, the Pottery takes orders for personlised pottery creations that can now also be shipped to buyers in England and America. Their red clay products are known to be lead free and food safe and are definitely safe for dishwashers and microwaves.

Entry to Earthworks Pottery is free, so you and your whole family can stroll around leisurely while deciding which handmade, homemade or hardy Bajan crafted collectibles to take home with you.

As you can see from this Barbados Travel video, there is also an Art Gallery and Batik Studio, as well as a great Cafe where you can sit and sip and enjoy the moment.

Agape Chocolate Factory is another of the gems of my little island that is a great place to unwind and learn (interactive tours) while savouring something exquisite, like their dark chocolate. This chocolate is made of roasted natural cocoa beans and is dairy free, gluten free, and soya free.

Their cocoa is sourced within the Caribbean and South America, and they have a Thomas Cook ranking as the #4 Chocolate Chocolate Factory Experience. On these tours they take you “from the bean to the bar”, to quote them, so you get to experience your chocolate being refined by some hardy rollers and to taste it there and then.

Chocolates include Expresso, Coconut, Grenada, Hispaniola and of course Caramel, Rum/Salted Caramel, Nutmeg, and…….. Ah, just go visit them.

Agapey Chocolates Map Barbados

And don’t forget they also offer a range of gluten/soya/dairy-free gourmet ice-creams to go with those Chocolates!

While in the Bridgetown, after you have finished your dark Chocolate ecstasy trip, nip over to have a peek at some wax sculptures.  That’s right, Barbados has its own homemade Wax Museum. It is billed as the Caribbean Wax Museum, featuring the work of owner/proprietors Arthur Edwards and Frances Ross, but caters to Latin America and the Caribbean region.

As a specialty museum, each piece is handmade (hehe) to evoke a response you may be ashamed of. When I visited back in 2016 at its first premises in Oistins, I did a double take on entering as there was one of my heroes, Che Guevara. Their new more spacious premises is now in the Norman Centre on Broad St.

       spot the visitor in this photo by the Museum

The more than fifty wax works are life-sized sculptures of famous and popular personalities from these regions.  Latin American and Caribbean personages who have distinguished themselves in Politics, Sport or Entertainment are the subjects focused on. For example, Simon Bolivar, The Mighty Sparrow, Fidel Castro, and Dame Nita Barrow -B’dos first female Governor General.

Some celebrities are so lifelike in the artwork presentation, including character and poses, that you have to stop and catch your breath, while a few may require more consideration, particularly if you are not up on the History Politics or Entertainment scene of the Caribbean Basin.

Cattle compete at Agrofest
Photo: Nation News, Barbados

The Agrofest Festival which takes place in Barbados in February each year, is yet another event that some have never visited.

It is an exhibition hosted by the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS), a more than 150 year old organisation representing Pig, Rabbit and Sheep Farmers, Bee Keepers, Egg & Poultry Producers, Cotton Growers and others in the food industry. It is held in Queens Park in Bridgetown where on the day you may buy various art and craft, including handmade jewelry and clothing. Or check out the birds in the aviary.

The BAS is an agricultural cooperative established by an act of parliament in the late 1800s, with current goals of food security, greater youth involvement in farming, exploration of the high-tech agriculture’s place in the Caribbean, and such like. They have regular agricultural and animal husbandry publications and a busy farm store which is open Mon-Sat usually between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m for poultry, vegetables and homemade stuff. It is located at “The Grotto”, Beckles Road, St. Michael. Beckles Road is near the Historic Garrison area.

The Agrofest outdoor farm festival is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and is a showcase of Barbadian food and agricultural productivity and related equipment.  So expect to get a glimpse of indigenous trees, plants, flowers, and old or more modern farm equipment and tools. It is an enjoyable experience as your wend way around the exhibition area on a bright day in February.

BAS image

P.S. Keep an eye out for our Black Belly Sheep, a hardy breed found no where else. (I’m sure!)

Caribbean Wax Museum Tel: 1-246-268-1760

National Agricultural Exhibition (Agrofest) Email:  agrofest@basonevoice.org

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