Barbados Paddle Board Adventures

Life goes on. We need to get our paddle-boards out.

Brave Travels

The five of us walked into the beach bar after pulling our stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) above the waterline and digging face masks out of our dry bags.

“Wow, we watched you come in,” said a man at the waterside table. “We’ve mostly just seen people falling in all day. You are impressive!”

I was secretly pleased, because I’d been the last to take up SUPing. I’d enjoyed it on the calm waters of Carlisle Bay, but when I tried it once at Freight’s it was NOT fun! I’d stubbornly stuck to my surfboard even when the waves died as the summer started.

The promise of Eggs Benny got me back on the SUP.

“Oh just wait until we’re heading back out!” Simone quipped, and we all laughed as we ordered our rum drinks.

I’d remember those words ruefully a few hours later.

We’d started gradually. First there was a sunset…

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