And Closing, – October

October is the month when we begin to look back on the year, and get in gear for the closing.

Soon December will be here and we will wonder “where has the year gone?”

How much did we achieve in our personal lives, and in our business/professional lives?

Despite the Covid and Climate having starring roles in our Theatre of Life (and probably because of this) we must still assess where we are and where we want to be at year-end. Some of our goals and aims and dreams on a big scale may have had to have been toned and trimmed down a wee bit; while others have been necessarily fortified against the distraction of pandemic and climate burnout.

We press on with life because we have to.

This October month carries with it a different kind of reflection to that of February. Then it was a New Beginning, now it is a “closing”, a final check of our stance.

Are we standing correctly, facing in the right direction, focused and determined to see the year through on a high note?

Or are we about to give up on all we have striven for in those agonising topsy-turvy distressing days now forever gone?

Face the future.

Face the truth of who you are and what you are, and if you can do that you can then walk uprightly towards the closing.

Because when we face the future (debt-ridden or financially stable) and face the truth of who and what we are (able or weakened) we know how to adjust our stance so that our walk will be upright, even if slow, or wobbly.

And closing, let us remind ourselves that we may not be everything everyone may wish, but by golly we are formidable as human beings.

We can give love and not want a penny for it. We can smile even when our heart is breaking, so as to give peace to another. We can laugh at our folly and foolish ideas even though they broke us, because we learned something that will make us less prone to folly and foolish ideas. We are formidable, as human beings.

And closing,

Let us use this October as a spring-board to even greater self-understanding, self-awareness, personal strength and advancement, in such a manner that the end of the year WILL see nothing less than the attainment of all we deserve, while paving the way for another greater year.


——————————-the month to get it right!

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