Now That We Feel Like Travelling Again

We’ve been dreaming about it but not really feeling like it.

Now though we’re really feeling like it, and getting used to the idea of a long trip to….


One guy dreamed of sailing there, for about 20 years, and finally did it. Time to stop dreaming now we’ve got the feeling to travel, and act!

Barbados’ covid figures are way down for the past month and more than half the population has been vaccinated, 81000+ with first dose and 61000+ with the second dose, particularly those in main service sectors.

Visitors to the island who can show evidence of vaccination will have shorter quarantine times (from about 2 days!), but for all tourists the basic protocols still hold.

The protocols are updated consistent with events but you can usually get the current particulars on the Visit Barbados website where you may see an info box which you have to tick that you have read the requirements. Once done you can close the box and scroll through the site without any hindrance.

ALL travellers into Barbados, inclusive of those deemed fully vaccinated, are asked to review, and indicate their acceptance of the following:

ALL travellers must travel with a valid negative Standard COVID-19 PCR test result.

With specific reference to the type of PCR test required and accepted for entry into Barbados:Specific Requirements:

  1. The specimen taken must be a nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swab (or both) taken by a healthcare provider
  2. The sample must be taken within 3 days prior to arrival.
  3. The laboratory performing the test must be an accredited, certified or recognized facility

Please note that the following will NOT be accepted:

  1. Nasal swab samples
  2. Saliva samples
  3. Self-administered tests (even if the sample was taken under the supervision of a healthcare provider)
  4. Home kits
  5. Rapid PCR tests

I have read the requirements for travelling to Barbados


Some new flights to note are

Aer Lingus from Manchester, October 2021

JFK-Barbados, Caribbean Airlines, April 2021

but you can still make regular bookings via Expedia or Trip Advisor.

Also, along with the old familiar customary accommodation there could be some new places to tempt you, like 02 Beach Club & Spa for instance.

Photo: O2 Beach Club

Homes&Gardens has listed it as one of the 5 most beautiful new hotels in the Caribbean so it must be worth a look when planning for your adult all-inclusive trip to a white sandy beach resort. It is a boutique style visitor accommodation which will be opening its modern doors in October this year.

So we have time to book, plan and even sail to Barbados! Sailing to Barbados could be fun. 🙂

Watch “Nation Update: 98 days across the Atlantic” on YouTube

In fact this young man finally accomplished his dream by rowing from Portugal to the Canaries then on to Barbados.

Makes me remember the early years of the ARC race and my awakened desire to someday do that. I haven’t yet, but I did work on board yacht as Cook/Crew for a long spell around the Caribbean hoping that I’d either get to South America (my Rainforest dream) or become skilled (and fearless) enough to do the ARC.

The ARC no longer terminates in Barbados, but we do have the Round Barbados Race that someday I might get a chance to experience.

This guy’s dream started he said, over 20 years ago, and now he has lived it. Hopefully I’ll get to live mine and more!

Is sailing and water adventures your thing?

If you cannot row there then cruising may be the answer. American cruises begin again this month, after ongoing discussions with industry cruise partners such as CDC, the Port, Americas Cruise Taskforce and others regarding health and safety concerns. One of the stipulatons is that 100% of crew and passengers MUST be fully vaccinated etc. in order to travel.

CruiseCritic is another new place, where you book that sailing/cruise holiday whether you are sailing to or from Barbados. Or once in Barbados, just opt for that little Catamaran Cruise that you’re dreaming of. Act!

Happy holidaying…..

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