Which Dog?

I have decide. I will get a new dog.

photo: google

This time however, I do not want to “rescue” a pet. That would remind me too much of my loving adorable Bajan puppy that died back in 2017. We had a bond that will always, I think, be a fond memory to me.

This time also I’m going for a Dog not a puppy, and I have chosen the Breed from among those listed on Always Pets as smartest dog breeds. Their no.1 was the Poodle. Oh, well, they must know, but my choice for doggie companion is no.19 the Appenzeller Sennenhund.

photo: pixabay.com

This Swiss Alps/Mountain Dog is perfect for me. There is just something about this purebred that appeals to me visually, and in description.

photo: luvmydogs

And that description reminds me of my Bajan puppy Zoar.

my Bajan puppy wot died

I feel, in fact I know now, that this little but strong dog is a big part of why I am still alive today. Talk about a Guard Dog!! She saved my life. She guarded me from myself, depression, despair, unknown intruders, and loneliness. I had never before or since, felt lonely until that time in Barbados in the “family home” waiting to die.

Zoar made me get up, i.e. roll off the bed, and do my best to walk, or rather drag myself around the house. On the many mornings and afternoons when the pain paralysed me she gave me the urge to get outside and see another day even if it killed me. 🙂 I took her for walks in the neighbourhood mostly at night when I could fight or give in to the compression on my spine without the fear of anyone seeing my pain, or tears.

She once spent a whole day standing guard, laying just inside the door to the en-suite, watching me on what was supposed to have been my deathbed, fighting for me. Sometimes she stood erect, sometimes she barked, long moments she lay with her head on paws just watching. She would not leave the room. She would not leave my side.

Normally she would have been bounding about, chewing whatever she fancied by way of slippers, furniture or artwork I had. She would have gone out in the yard for her water etc., she would have found something to eat where she knew I kept stuff she shouldn’t have. Yet that day, Zoar, my mixed breed Doberman pinscher mongrel refused to leave the room and let me die. She shat there in the en-suit next to the toilet bowl I sometimes failed to reach, knowing that on a good day it would make me cross and she would get good tongue lashing with lots of finger wagging.

She lay there even when the Sun came in through the window onto her back.

She didn’t try to play with me, didn’t chew and pull the sheets, didn’t even lick my hand when it fell off the bed. She merely stood up and watched. She watched my feet. She looked at my face and started barking. Not her playful barks, but strong authoritative barks with pauses, and no snarling, as she watched, looking from my face to my feet and back again….until she lay down, still watching.

When I finally did rise from my supposed death bed later in the early evening, she was the first thing I saw. My puppy asleep.


Dogs are often said to be Man’s best friend. Yet there are dogs who will attack you, bite you, and sometimes even kill you for no other apparent reason than that you passed their way. I do not presume to know the psychology of such animals, but I do know that among the animals I favour, dogs rank high.

I particularly go in for big dogs and that’s why my liking for a smaller type is surprising to me. I grew up with German Shepherds and Alsatians for company so any dog not reaching above my knee in height seemed not to merit the name Dog. Had she lived my cross-breed friend would only ever have reached calf high. But she was STRONG and could eat even then like a big ‘un.

Any dog that cannot bound and lope and jump walls and fences and shatter glass with a bark in my opinion is NOT a dog. My puppy had a big scary bark when moved, even though of small make; and she could jump high and bound and lope and run fast and threaten to pull your arm out if you didn’t let go of the leash.

My future dog will be even fiercer, but just as gentle loving intelligent loveable……

I have no truck with designer dogs. I mean, what’s the point of them? I’d rather get a designer handbag or new designer shoes than one of them. What are they for????? They are not dogs but ornaments; and you have to feed them! Crikey, I’d rather an aquarium or something.

So sometime in the not too distant future I will get a dog. An Appenzeller Sennenhund. A dog of obscure origin but a Pure Breed Swiss mountain mongrel that will put me through my paces.

photo: wikimedia

And where there are dogs there will be…

Dog Theft.

Dog thefts are up in the UK according to this Guardian story. Any of you ever watched Ace Ventura:Pet Detective? It was one of the films I got hooked on while watching with my daughter many moons ago. Made me appreciate Jim Carey too as an actor. This story has a bit in it about a real life Pet Detective.

Increases in thefts were reported on the BBC news as being as high as 250% up on last year’s figures. The pandemic seems to be the main cause of the surge in the number of pets being nicked. This of course followed an unusual rise in demand for house pets, which in turn has led to significantly higher prices. In an article in April they shared a few tips on keeping your dog safe. You can read that article here: Simple tips to stop your puppy being pinched.

One of the tips I found really interesting was to NOT put your dog’s name on it’s collar. This idea came from Blue Cross for Dogs who suggest that knowing your dog’s name may make it easier for a thief to more effectively lure it away. A more obvious tip is to refrain from splashing social media with photos and details of your pet. Reading the tips though, I thought of a new sign we could manufacture. Instead of “Beware of the Dog” we now have “Beware of the Dog Thief!”

Anyway, by the time I can afford my new dog the covid fuss will be completely over and the criminals will be back to their former business, thus leaving less chance of having mine stolen. Just in case though, I shall train him/her to eat every kind of thief.

photo: unsplsh.com/valentin hermann

Which Dog?

I’m not a cat lover. I don’t even like them. Tigers and big felines I can admire. Ye ole commonplace kitty holds no interest to me. But, you know, live n let live. No accounting for some people’s tastes and all that. 🙂 However if you are thinking of getting a pet I sincerely recommend a dog. He is Man’s best friend. This time around I shall be getting an Appenzeller Sennenhund. Which dog will you be getting?

The following websites could guide you through to the right decision on Which Dog?




p.s. Preloved and the RSPCA or even the Kennel Club might have a dog you can rescue. It might save your life



    • True. That day I spoke of showed me what a faithful pet she was. When she got I’ll and died months later it was …. A neighbour helped me bury her in the vacant
      family lot next door. He knew I couldn’t do it alone whether I was well or not. She was such fun and so lively and lovable. I think I have finally gotten over the “loss”. I just marvel at her level of affection.
      Thank you. Yes. Maybe next year I’ll get one, if not sooner.
      Happy Spring.

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