May: The Month for Accounting

It is May and we are approaching a milestone – half the year will have blown by in a matter of weeks – and if we are not getting on with our goals in any notable way we ought to reflect on the why and get our accounts in order quick sharp. If not we might miss some wonderful opportunity for personal growth or for a success that may very well depend on what we do in these next few weeks.

The birds were singing again this morning and now I am sitting here wondering what new thing have I learned? When I woke around seven to the birds’ call, a sweet awakening, after a few chores I went back to sleep for a while. Rest is still a bit of a priority healthwise, especially as I really got into my exercises yesterday evening, then was so peppered I could not get to sleep and watched Poirot on YouTube til early morning.

It is now past two in the afternoon and the birds have been singing in conversation with each other since midday. They seem to have a lot to twitter about today. I think there is a mother and her offspring among them and she is keeping the music (it is music to me) going. I am enjoying it. I feel at peace knowing they are having a grand day. I am reminded that at the start of the year I put one of my New Year Rules as “learn something new”.

What new thing have I learned?


So on to my accounting of what I have done regarding the Rules.

I have done well on the exercise and walking front and I have been blogging more frequently. As for the other Rules I have been listening to local radio and some popular music; I have started to try to read more😏 and am yet to Create unless you count the Blogging. As for Rules 9 and 10, they are a work in progress effected, I suspect, by the other Rules.

Rule 8: Don’t smile so much, is a hard one. I have discovered that my smiling is, as most genuine attributes are, something which I cannot pre-empt.

However my main focus in this accounting is Rule 6: Learn something new- more than just a word.

I haven’t fully learned anything new as yet. I am learning tiktok and Spanish and Hebrew. Will I “master” any of them by year end? Or am I too ambitious?

Ambition is something we must take into account when trying to achieve an end. Measured steps and a steady pace often wins us the prize. But where there is a Time constraint, there is just as often the need to up the tempo and maybe staccato the metre of our steps; quickening our pace to create a (sudden?) new rhythm. This may last for as long as needed to get to the position where we can once again regain our measured way.

However, what I have learned in life, is to account for others’ ambition. My ambition in any thing will undoubtedly generate a hatred or covetousness in others even when my ambition concerns nothing momentous, and no one in particular. I have done Book-Keeping in my young days, but what they did not teach was that assets and liabilities could always be viewed in reverse. It took life to teach me that.

This has nothing to do with the accounting term: goodwill. Goodwill depends on a sort of quid pro quo response. It is that in Life your assets are your liabilities in terms of causing offence to lesser mortals, and your liabilities are assets to your enemies or those fond of belittling even their friends.

So, in Accounting for where I am at this month of May I accept that I am not dis-abled (prevented by others’ wishes or opinions) nor un-able (have not got the fortitude), and neither am I over ambitious in what I want to achieve. I know myself, therefore I know my possibilities. I know what I MAY achieve. I just have to make my steps less ‘measured’.

By the end of this year I shall have learned tiktok, Hebrew, and Spanish. Or to put it another way, I shall have learned something of each of them. Therefore I shall have learned “something new”. I shall have engaged in a new dimension, a new aspect, of my life which will enhance my personal growth and success. Also, knowing me, I shall have thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂

Remember, half the year shall have blown by in a matter of weeks.

Learn something new.

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