When I Die

When I die

I would like

There to be

…At least one person

Who will shed a genuine tear for me

Who will miss me

Think the world a poorer place

For my passing

But still will celebrate

And cheer

Because I was there:

To put a smile on their face

To be silent while they ranted and raved

About something momentous

Yet insignificant in the end;

To listen while they talked

Of their dreams and wishes, and hopes and cares,

Of other people’s foibles, and of their careers;

Of big things and small, soon forgotten.

To laugh and sometimes merely smile

At their foresight, their notions, and their fears.

Come Sit In Barbados

When I die

I would like there to be

A genuine cry of “Oh no!!”

Not out of pity

But a wee bit of selfish agony

That I have gone;

And that for one split second of insanity

They will wonder “where will I be….

Without her?”

Already missing me and my strange company

Before quickly realising, with a quirky smirk


knowing me, I’ll probably still be around

In thought or memory

To chide to admonish

to get angry;

or annoyed by some small imperfection

Perceived only by me

In my scrutiny of their life

As I see

That they can be so much more so much better …

‘Till I cave in and admit

They are perfect.

When I die

I want there to be

A place unfillable

In some small breast

‘Cause I am unique

And have lived…

A life so singular

That before that tear hits the ground

There’d be a peace

In the heart of that one person

That they have been blessed

By knowing me

And that unfillable place

Will be…

A place of love.

When I die

I would like

There to be

…someone who misses me.

George Beverly Shea sings the 1945 song “If I Can Help Somebody” originally done by Alma Irene Bazel Androzzo Thompson who died in 2001


  1. That’s one of the main aspects we ignore and that is, “We all will leave this world someday”. I hope to live as long as 90years old or better 😄 but that’s why I cherish life more, for I know we all got to leave this world someday…

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