I Cling To Myself

Why cling to the past?

The future is now.

Why dwell on that which was???

“What could have been”…

does not exist.

I cling to that which upholds me

Not that which holds me…


I cling to that which nourishes me

Allowing me to grow,

to blossom,

to glow.

Nature at Work
Couroupita guianensis/Cannonball tree*

I cling to the Truth

Of who I am

And that (which) I am…

I am lost for words

Knowing that all Nature supports me;

I cling…

to myself.


*This gem of Nature which is native to the Americas but can be found in Barbados at Andromeda Botanical Gardens: https://beautifulbarbados.blog/2019/09/19/lost-for-words-2/

This one was located near to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Martindale’s Road, not far from my old school.



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