Wine & Crime

Wine & Crime in The ‘Colonies’

A good friend of mine put £50 in my Bank Account a few days ago.

I only found out when I thought to check how much or rather little I had available to play with until the end of the month. So imagine my surprise and quandary when I saw the extra funds. What would I do with it? Of course I was going to spend it, but on what? She is in the medical field so my still mandatory packet of cigs was out. New underwear? Ugh, I think not. I wouldn’t be able to wear them. Ugh.

Next I thought of just putting the money towards my ongoing credit card debacle. Uh, naaah. This was not a gift towards debt but a present with which to treat myself. As she would say: “What are friends for?”

Finally, “Eurika!” The cool neon sign (white on blue background) lit up my mind, proclaiming: WINE. I saw it as clear as a vision.

I had only been to that particular shop twice so far, a pricey place, but it came to my rescue. I trotted off that evening with my vision of wine – not to the fancy place of my inspiration, no no no, but to a budget Supermarket, for some plonk. Something slightly above vinegar.

My eyes landed on a bottle on a shelf one up from the bottom. I say landed, but frankly I was pulled. I stood there and eyed it for a while with no emotion, no thought, but this feeling of….wtf…

I mean just look at it.

Is that a name for a wine?! 19 CRIMES.

…and the look of the bloke on the label! I was riveted.

I picked it up and slowly turned it around. Australian. Well it would be. A very fun kind of people, the Aussies.

I read the back label, twice and decided to buy this funnily serious wine themed on a bit of their history. Colonial History.

“As pioneers in a harsh frontier colony…” Maybe that phrase resounded with me. I often feel like a pioneer. But if I wasn’t one, perhaps buying and imbibing this wine would give me a bit of the spirit.

I am still to uncork it because I’m savouring it so much even without tasting. It’s feeling a bit like foreplay; that slow build-up of desire till the cork pops.

I have it set on my work table where I sit and look at it, and so help me, commune with it. And today (4 days later) I have finally taken things a step further by carefully peeling off the seal..

Well, it’s been a week now and I am still playing with this wine. Maybe it is playing hard to get or being a tease, but whenever I go to uncork it for the consumation, I get a definite: “No, not yet.” Reminds me of me in a way, (from all reports) so not complaining. I can wait. Let you know how I get on….if I ever do. One thing’s for certain, this is no mere plonk.

Crime & Wine

Bajan Crime Novels and Australian Films

If you have a taste for wine and crime here are some Bajan crime tales that may go with the recommended spirit.

Chronicles of Barbados Prison System (Cloister Bookstore). Author: Kim L. Ramsay

Barbados’ Most Wanted (Brydens Bookstore). Author: Kim L. Ramsay

MurdersThat Shocked Barbados (CloisterBookstore). Author: Kim L. Ramsay

Murders South of Paradise-True Crimes In Barbados (Days Bookstore). Author: Roderic H.N.Walcott, tel: +1246-2565235.

However, if you’d prefer a film to compliment this themed wine my choice is Under Capricorn. A Hitchcock production starring Ingrid Bergman in a “harsh frontier colony.” Ingrid Bergman in Under Capricorn

Or maybe a good ole bonnie n clyde style bank robbery road trip The Postcard Bandit. A true tale that shows why some of us love the spirit of Australia.


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