Missing Barbados

Missing Barbados? Who, me? Naaah. Not really. Just wishing I could be there is all.


I’m not as homesick as I was in 2015 because I had that trip home after more than 25 years absence. So at the moment my longing is not something eating away at me because I know I shall be there again in person soon as. Back in 2015 I didn’t think I’d get to breathe its air, walk its beaches, drink its water or hear the crickets and shak-shak trees ever again. Having been back for an extended visit, and feeling mightily better healthwise I am comfortable now with being away from my island home.

I have myself a “Barbados Day” every Sunday where I listen to Bajan things, connect with renewed Bajan friends, reminisce on my time home – with emphasis on the taste of Mauby, Coconut water and jelly, long lazy Sundays at Worthing, Accra, Hastings, or Pebbles beach – and generally give thanks for Barbados and my life there.

Nature Heals

So while the scenes here vary significantly from a tropical island paradise I can appreciate the beauty of Nature in the British countryside again more freely, because my heartache for the caress of warm waves on an evening or early morning, or for the Sun’s hot passionate all-day hug has been salved. And now that I have moved to “superior” lodgings, 😅 I also feel free again to allow myself to have some affection for this country which has served me so hard. I accept better that I am here because I am, and that Nature will still nourish even when people don’t; even when we are not aware.

Whether it be snow or icy winds, or cold rain

Or whether it be sunshine or tropical breezes, or warm rain

Whether by sights, sounds, or textures,

Nature gives its all for us to admire and be soothed, knowing that there is something greater than any of us or any country.

Missing Barbados? Who, me? Naaah. Not really.



    • Thank you Cherryl. I do miss Barbados of course, but I know where to find it ( even on a map!) when I get the money, so not too bad. I had a peaceful one Sunday, which carried into part of Monday as the WhatsApping turned a bit marathon like sharing local goingson etc. 🤫 Truly, I’m not into gossip, just a bit of a chin-wag.

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  1. Ahhhhh! The last photo is of the beach at the Coconut Court hotel, where I go in February every year! I recognize the reef. I am really missing being there this year. Already planning on returning next year, though! What a beautiful island full of beautiful people and delicious foods…


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