New Beginning- February

February is a strange month. It is the time when we realise that we truly are into a new year, a new chapter in our lives. For me it really is the beginning of the year. “January” was merely the time to prepare focus and plan. So when I saw this poem I had penned, more a jotting down of thoughts, I decided to share it .

2021 is crucial to us all as it will likely decide much of our overall future. Barbadians have a saying, what you don’t know can’t harm you. In other words, ignorance is bliss.

This is true in some ways, but I reckon not knowing, when it comes to the future, is an invitation to adventure. Plans and dreams based on common sense with a dash of truth can make for a fearless happy walk towards our goals and personal success. So reflect with me, like it is a new beginning into which you are now fully immersed as it IS February.

Been on this journey.

Critical scenes.

Leaving Canada

Back in UK.

Elementals gone haywire.

Longing to move.

New Year, New Rules.


Got a new home now.

At last the move.

Settling down.

Completely in the groove.

Walking the hills.

Better health and strength.

New Beginnings

Means new Ends.


End of connections.

Severed by Fate.

Finished relationships.

No further Dates.

New look at Finances.

New work space.

New way of processing.

All decisions.

With no concessions.

To weakness or pain.

New Year.

New Era.

New Beginnings.

All else too late.

Back in September Carpe Diem Wellness issued this invitation: Ask yourself in every moment. “If I truly loved and honored myself, what would I choose?” (

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