Canadian Carricatures Barbados

Barbados isn’t all that funny a place, but it is a place you can have some super fun.  Ask Bruce Outridge.

 Bruce Outridge.
Photo by Bruce Outridge Productions

Bruce is definitely not a funny man, but he does do his own “Funnies”. That’s right he is a Cartoonist based in wonderful Canada. A skilled and talented Landscape Artist, Bruce moved on to become a well known and much in demand Illustrator.

Bruce is a regular visitor to Barbados’ warm friendly shore.

So what does he do on his many Barbados trips? Well, he has fun exploring our nooks and crannies, hooking up with friends, touring the tourist sites, relaxing on the beach, chilling in local waterholes and off-the-grid food stops, and yes, you guessed it, making funny with our Bajan scenes and sights.

Photo from Bruce Outridge Productions

Bruce is a serious Sketcher (Sketch Artist) with the Eye for what makes a subject real authentic and interesting. His work tells a story.

And some of it is, I take it, for his pleasure in his God-given natural talent. Like those Carricatures of Barbados.

Picture from Bruce Outridge Productions

That he chooses to tell a story of Barbados is something of a compliment to my small island home. After all, this Artist is no learner out there to earn his chops. No.

In fact he is a Teacher and Author, as well as an established knowledgeable purveyor of the Art of Caricature, offering classes in Drawing and anything within his sphere of the art world. Some of his commissioned works are for the party entertainment of those celebrating birthdays or other such fun events. Some of it is for serious representation and as souvenirs of more meaningful life moments like wedding ceremonies. He even does corporate events, but my favourite illustrations from Bruce Outridge are obviously his carricatures of Barbados. They ring true and are not particularly grotesque at all like some carricatures can be.

Next time you are in Barbados look around for Bruce. Who knows, you may see him drawing by some rocks, or hooking up with friends, and he might include you in a series of sketches!

Bruce Outridge and friends in Barbados: photo Bruce Outridge Productions

To book Bruce for your next Barbados holiday, or for an event/project in Canada, go to his website bruceoutridgeproductions where you will also meet his wife and rest of the team in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.



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