Barbados uh cum From!

Photo: mechbesttravels

Ev’ry where uh go, People want to kno, Why uh happy so, Why? Barbados uh cum from! Ev’ry where uh go, People want to kno, Why uh smiling so, Why? Christ Church uh cum from! (Bajan folk song) Last December I was having lunch with a good friend when our conversation as it often does, […]

Barbados uh cum From!

Click the link above to read  the full post, re-blogged from mechbesttravels, which has a possible itinerary for some to incorporate into their planning for next year’s trip to Barbados.

Obviously,  the tourism industry is now opening up again and some visitors have been able to get their feet wet warm and sand covered.  So despite the We Gathering and other events having taken a blow we are now all set to travel.

Interesting or amusing, the truth is, this is the truth:  I am happy despite shit happening cause “Barbados uh come from”.

I also realised the truth of this folksong by Sing out Barbados.  People in the ‘big countries ‘ inc. here in the UK, did and do ask, and the real truth it turns out is…I smiling so, I happy so, I love to sing ’cause……



You know, the real reason people love to vacation in Barbados might just be that on the whole we are a smiling friendly happy people….despite the fact that shit happens. 🙂

Love Barbados.  Love her people.


Consider: Barbados- Is It Worth The Trip?



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