Letter from A London Lover

Hey Mac,

I got your address from by Matey Boughe. He didn’t want to give it me, says you keep moving and he isn’t even sure where you are.  He said later you were in South America somwhere.   

What’s up with you two? You’re always so secretive and hedgey about stuff.

But you know me Mac.  I know how to search (learnt that from you) and now I find this Postcard in his old desk at the antique shop.  Went there on a whim when I couldn’t find neither hair nor tail of you at his house on Park Street, or the other one where he keeps his floosies.  Don’t know why he keeping up that shop.  He doesn’t need it and hardly anybody goes there now.  Anyways I hope you get this. I put these pictures to remind you you still got family, and a home if you want it.  I know I promised not to try to find out where you get to, but  Matey Boughe said he wouldn’t bother you with this tripe even if he knew where you were, and  I wanted to let you know you are a grandad again. Maybelle had a girl last month.  I think it is important that you know.  A man cannot go running about the world and forget who he is, plus a new year coming up soon and you might change your ways.. 

I was hoping to send a picture of the baby too, but Maybelle says she isn’t want you putting an eye on her. She still angry with you but I know it will pass. She is a cutie this one, not like the brat boy you two fell out over. This little babe is so pretty it make me wonder iffin she belong to Maybelle, or she husband!  She calling her Florine. The brat boy thinking he like Art now, always drawing and scribbling and looking at art things on the internet.  He still giving trouble at school but he leaving soon.  Don’t know what Maybelle will do.  What a world.  Boris gone an take over the country. I afraid he gine be worse than Tacher, though she did have some good points. What I can’t get is how he get all the Labour votes and he so very conservative. Brexit break them and the country now wondering if we can live good with Brexit Boris in the big seat. At least it over. Life goes on. To think that you got two grands now. You getting on even if you ain’t getting on. We still young and iffin you had married me like you wanted to instead of that…that…THING   life would’ve been different. But as I say, no use crying over split milk. 

Hope you get this and send back a reply so as I could know the address correct. Still love you Mac.

Your forever lover,



brat boy do this
your home waiting… youcould live wid me you know…got new heating an smart meters


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