Barbados- Is It Worth The Trip?

Of course I would say yes. It is my island. I love it…..and we can always use foreign currency.

In fact you might argue we really need some right now.

But that is not your concern.

What you rightfully need to know if you are considering a holiday visit, or even a business trip, is: “Is it worth it?”


Tourists, including me, wonder about things. We tend to ponder and wonder and otherwise worrry about the stuff of a vacation. Needlessly sometimes, but sensibly most times.

You might be wondering about your planned Barbados trip in terms of the following questions:

I wonder what other visitors did saw and experienced on their holiday to Barbados?

I wonder what I could do on a short stay in a Caribbean island?

I wonder if it would be worth the time in flights and effort?

I wonder whether the financial cost would be redeemed by value, pleasure, fun, happy memories, adventure, or plain rest.

I wonder whether it would be authentic?

I wonder if I could learn something new?

I wonder if I’ll meet someone interesting?

fly fishing off Dover


What makes the fish bite??

How to know whether it would be worth it?

All things considered, and foregoing any one-off mishaps that may occur on any holiday, what is the motivation?

Sun Sea Sand and Simplicity. And Serenity. Easily said, but……..

You dont want to ‘bite off more than you can chew”!

You don’t want to be an ignorant fish in the tourist sea.

Have a look through this blog and you will find much of what you need to motivate inspire and convince you that Barbados is worth it.

Just to be absolutely sure check other tourist opions and views, some re-blogged here in our blog, and others around WordPress and the internet.

Now don’t be lazy. You will have plenty time to laze about when you arrive on the island 🙂 where you can stretch out and relax and take a stroll or leisurely tour.

Some visitors are cruise passengers who decide to give Barbados a look on their liner’s stop off at the island, and I bet they don’t regret it.

Seen one Caribbean island seen them all? Don’t think so.

And to prove it, follow these Barbados day-trippers Heather and Anthony

Photo: Baskey Travelouges

who even took a chance to investigate a remembered old haunt of their cruise ship friend.

Read their full account

Spend your holiday money wisely.

You want a getaway that gets you away from the humdrum of life. A break to refresh and recharge you.

Not one that will leave you wondering “what the heck” and feeling tired or cheated, but will leave you pleasurable happy memories.

You want a vacation that will meet your travel goals. A bit of Paradise.

Want to see the world? See Barbados.

map_barbados (2)
Internet map image of the island of Barbados

When you are done lazing about and feel up to it try flyboarding, bike-hikes or get on a surfboard.

Or why not head out to a golf course, play tennis or cricket. Maybe watch the local lads at rugby?

And as the day draws to a close, dine extravagantly or simply.

Dance the night away, listen to local jazz musicians or curl up in you holiday home with a book as you listen to the surf lulling you to sleep.

Discover the unique beauty; the quirkiness of some of the islanders; the small island culture…and get outside yourself.

Let your hair down.


Stop and wonder as you wander the lovely places and beaches of this appealing little island.

Now you know some of what you’ll be getting for your hard earned cash.


Visit Barbados. It is worth it.

A couple tips and reviews:

Guardian Newspaper

Portugal News



    • Hahahaha I think they still use it, or else like you people still remember it because I saw a post with those words. Obviously I couldn’t help pinging it in
      one of my posts
      If you do visit please drop me a note before hand, would meet up with you if I am home. Ihope to visit Jamaica some time, waterfalls n all!

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