Barbados Vacay — Never a Dull Moment

Images are from Never a Dull Moment and not my own.


Barbados, island in the Sun, loves you but never leaves you. Small quaint and somewhat exotic, my island home is not to be messed with.

It is part of the Universe, or God’s Creation if you will, and as such has some power of it’s own. The power of love, Nature, and tranquillity. The power that can cure or heal a tired soul.

I always love it when tourists enjoy their stay on this small island. We are not “perfect” but we are perfect for a getaway that can blow you away.

I am sharing here a blog post from some people who had a holiday in Barbados. Their photos are more than just good and the article itself is well written and can give you yet another tourist’s view of our Sunblessed rock.

Never a Dull Moment

M’s sister has been nurturing a childhood dream to visit Barbados, so when the opportunity to share a house rental came up last year, and always up for visiting a new part of the world, we joined her and her husband for a 3-week trip. Why almost 3 weeks, you ask? Well, getting to this island […]

via Barbados Vacay — Never a Dull Moment

They surely had “never a dull moment”, just some very comfortable ones.


And please take the time to check out other posts on their WordPress site, as they are worth it, both visually and information wise. These bloggers know how to travel!

Enjoy your read.

Also have a look at if you are travelling with kids.

God bless.


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