Your First Day in Barbados

Your first day in Barbados could be many things.  It could be a bit hectic.  Travel has its ‘unplanned’ moments like the late arrival of your plane due to whatever weather or engine unforseeables happen.

My trip home in 2015 I got in to the Sir Grantley Adams Int’l Airport more than 6 hours later than planned so it was night time not late afternoon, and my ride to, and stay at the family home got thrown out the ballpark.  You see, my friend who was to pick me up could not wait and the lady who had the key to the house had to get back to the countryside (by bus) and prepare for work the next day.

Hectic!  I had to call around and arrange alternatives.   Managed it, but at 10/11 in the night no easy task!

Your first day could, and mostly does, go smoothly though.  Arrival, home or hotel check in, a few drinks, a swim or a stroll and some vittal, then off to bed to beat off jetlag.

However your first day turns out, make it a new beginning.  You will find the trip worth the time and effort.  Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Here are some pics a London friend on her first vacation in Barbados sent to me:

She was really chuffed on her first morning out, and by the end of her two week holiday in Barbados had declared it one of the best times.  “A beautiful country” she said in one message.

She visited Harrison’s Cave….a delightful experience.

Chilled on beaches getting her “mojo” back, while sampling some Bajan dishes and drinks (as you do)

and basically just relaxed and refreshed herself.

By the end of her stay she had seen and done enough to state that Barbados, my island home, was worth it.

Your first day in Barbados will not be your last, and I know you will have a memorable time..don’t take our word for it, check out what another tourist, a fashionista, says via Our First Day in Barbados

Make your first day in Barbados signify for you a new beginning.  Discover yourself again as you explore the island.  Rest relax recoup regroup and ride the waves!

Enjoy your stay.