Correspondence UK

My Dear MacCallister,

Picture this:

I came across this gal who said she was from Barbados.  Not bad, I thought, .

Nice looking gal and real posh accent. Discovered she was born here and lived here practically all her life except for a short spell in Barbados which she visits on a regular basis.  I know why now of course, but at the time I thought I’d hit the jackpot.  C’mon, a dame that looks like that, and with travel money to burn!?  I was in for the kill, I’ll tell you.

Took her out a few times. Introduced her to some friends o mine, not the family friends mind you,(remembered my training thank heavens) and was so flicking sure I was on to a good one, I started daydreaming …..

Then I started wondering.  Why hadn’t she introduced me to any of her friends?  Didn’t she have any?  Two months in and all I knew was she had a sister, no brothers, and a dad somewhere.

Well I started poking around a bit.  No one knew much.  Workplace knew little – she was hardly there- and cynicism from a Barbadian guy she spoke to at a wine bar I took her to (she isn’t keen on alcohol she says).  She’d gone to the ladies so I took a chance to interrogate him like, and most all he did was sneer.

So right away I put my guys onto her. The report? Stay away from that one unless you’re bringing her down.  Say what!!!?

Could ave blown me down!!

Tell you, I nearly came a-cropper. Turns out she is one of THEM. Not WORKING for them, but ONE of them!  Jeeze!  Got grown kids too!

Just goes to show, eh?  Never fall for a gal in a blue wig.

Keep the postcards coming an I’ll try to drop you a line again soonest.  I’m up to Hertfordshire for a couple weeks at the Studio, so no communication as you know.

friends for life,

Matey Boughe

P.S. the missus say hi.


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