Serenity & Wellbeing

As a holiday island with tropical breezes and good sunshine Barbados has plenty to offer by way of serenity and wellbeing. I should know because it is where a few years ago I regained my serenity and wellbeing.


It was the feel of the sand underfoot, the smiles and sounds of the people which said to me “grim won’t last”.  Sure the smiles were not as many at that time as had been usual, yet there seemed a serenity of spirit that suggested all was not lost, and that all would not be lost.  A determination born of the fact that Barbadians “don’t do stress”.


Serenity in the beaches, fauna and plant life. Serenity in outlook.  Serenity in the beauty and pace of life.  Serenity of the type captured by a lovely vacationing couple  in this their video:

Read their blog on WordPress.



Wellbeing is an outflow from serenity.  Mental physical emotional and even spiritual.  A person with any form of disability can achieve wellbeing; so long as there is serenity.

Some call it hygge, some say karma or mojo; whatever it really is, it is that sense of contentment with all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you will be.

My island home is a captivating place where you can recapture the love of life, and connect with a ‘new’ you.

Have fun, relax, enjoy some nightlife or wildlife; and like Scandinavian blogger and traveller, Kayleigh Tanner, you too will find Barbados “a hygge place”.

Hygge Places

Kayleigh Tanner’s blog post:


Travel Barbados


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