Picture Postcard 14

Dear Matey,

Guess you haven’t heard me for a while eh? Heh heh.   I know you’ve been a bit worried, but I am o.k.  Thanks for your notes, I really appreciate them but all is going fairly well, at least I am not dead or dying, and well, methinks our plan is working.  Is everything going to plan?  Can’t say really.  Think so, but I have been so busy just staying alive that I mostly couldn’t be arsed to check, just been plodding on, like you do.  Like it says in the song, “somebody help me yeah…”?   

I got outta Suriname in a hustle.  So did a lotta folk. 🙂  Been travelling roun’ de Caribbean islands since then hoping for a return trip to my mistress Barbados, but I can’t very well use regular transport right now can I?  Like you said in your note, it’s best I stay near but not too close.  Missing Blighty though, all of a sudden.  Not missing Matilda though. Ha. Ha!  Time to put her to rest.  But more on that score next time. (I got a plan).

I’m going NOWHERE it seems.  Thought I’d get the money and get out your way, see old Blighty again, maybe Cornwall.  Well, definitely Ireland anyways, see the old folk up in the northern parts, then piss off to Europe.  

Like I said to you mate, I want loads a money or them suckers int getting me to do diddly-squat for them in Europe.  And if I gotta get to them parts on me own, well just tell em they int gonna like it.  I can be a mean s-o-b when I get me goats up ya know matey.  They int gonna like me mean, I tell ya.

But yeah, this thing in me side, you know, that old injury from around the time of the 2012 Olympics…you remember?…got that poking its head up a bit too often for me now.  And you boys too slow!! Gotta do something about it mate.

Anyway, on to the real stuff.  The chappie and his goons lost a head and the “shirley” got control now of the lot!  He don’t like it but he can’t do shit about it.  None of them can.  The little U.S. lady trying to play cool.  She knows which way the wind blowing.  Playing nice to a lot a folk lately too,  I hear.  Maybe I’ll go U.S.  Or Bermuda?


Keep well friend, hug the wife for me.



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