Two Weeks Notice

Jonathan, and Paige Banfield at Surfer’s Café as “Two Weeks Notice”.  The unofficial band  rehearses in the cafe venue before each show.


I got to meet them and a family member back in October last year.  They seemed to work well together and were serious about their work.

Here in Canada, and remembering them, I thought I’d check the internet for any sight of them.  Lo and behold, there is another band by that name!  Wonder if they know about each other?

The one from WY is also a trio of friends too well-known, I think, to worry about a Bajan namesake.  You can catch a bit of their profile on Myspace and Facebook or just Google* them.  And interestingly enough there is also a FILM by that name!  Starring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock, it is a romantic comedy written and directed by Marc Lawrence the American director, screenwriter and producer whose movies “Miss Congeniality” are the only ones I had heard of, ’til now. 🙂

Surfers Café is a small venue on the South Coast of Barbados.  It has a few reviews on Trip Advisor and artistes such as Paige and Jonathan who are serious about their craft tend to get a booking there.  The Banfields’ band was giving this rehearsal all they had, and why not?  Apparently they have been on the circuit for a while now and are kept busy with performances at various Tourist and local venues, so busy perhaps that they haven’t been bothering to update their Facebook page; well not since February.

Perhaps, like me, they are out of the country or, perhaps, unlike me they really have more important things to do – like working hard at their jobs.  Yep, most local Musicians and Artists still have to do regular work to keep house and home together.  They seem to have a good sound and are enthusiastic about the renditions they give, and are friendly though ‘professional’ when approached.

So, next time you hear: “Two Weeks Notice” think Barbados, think Surfer’s Cafe and think great entertainment.

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