Picture Postcard 13

Lemongrass Express

Dear Matey,

Thanks for contacting me.  Couldn’t talk, can’t talk.   The local goons seem to be circling, but they ain’t circling their wagons.  Don’t think they have any wagons come to think of it.  The ‘foreign’ ones that left a while back haven’t returned to my knowledge, though I heard that the little lady from the USA was back and kicking up a fuss.  Wanted to know why everything hadn’t gone to plan.  Couldn’t blame me,  I was busy staying out of the picture like I told ya.  Think they know now that their prick geezer of a fella ain’t no use at all.  He might be rough or tough and sneaky, but he ain’t got the brains when it comes to it.  Thought he had me in a strangle-hold, he did.  

Wish somebody would put him down like the mangy dog he is. 

By the way, ought a go by this place called Lemongrass Express (heard tell there is some interesting stuff there) before popping over to Suriname for a bit.  It seems to be a good not so fast food hang out.  Near that big house off Brown’s Gap too so could make an afternoon trip of it – maybe try something fishy.  Expect I’ll be in Suriname for a while.  Don’t know, but time is slipping by.  Don’t want to be away for long though. 

Oh, heard Waltzing Matilda is dead – or is it a relative? – Would be great if she was.  Can you confirm?  It would take a load off my mind, what with worrying about the financial thing an all.  Let me know.  And keep me posted.

All this dodging and diving keeping me as fit as…Met some pretty good people where I am too.  Yeah, things coming together mate.

How’s about your end? 

Right.  Got to go.

Love to all and check ya soon. And tell them suckers if they want me to fly up to Europe they better got a solid, and I mean a solid plan and itinerary.  And I want MONEY.  Loads of it!!

Shit!  Creepy guy trying to creep up on me to see what I writing.  No where really safe these days mate.


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