Since starting in late July 2016 with only a picture each day, this blog has 100+ followers, many views and quite a good number of likes.  This despite my being less proactive than I know I must be. Thank you, all of you, therefore, for supporting and commenting; and particularly for following, as I know it is the Blog and not me which is doing the work. 🙂

I realise you would prefer a blog about Barbados to be about Barbados, so I really wish to create a bajan taste and flavor.  I am taking it slowly but I am reading many other blogs.

How to achieve what I want for this blog in a way which will delight you all?  After all this is my island home.  I would like to represent it well and truthfully, warts and all, in a way that will inform, amuse and be interesting.  So again, all comments and suggestions are most welcome.

With all that in mind, and considering that every Barbadian loves his food, I am prepared to season the blog with some good old Bajan seasoning.

country boy Bajan Seasoning

Soon and very soon, you will be seeing posts specifically on Barbadian food and all it entails, including some recipes, useful herbs and plants and how we grow them, as well as a couple of anecdotes.

And yes, food means both solid and liquid.  So, how to make a rum punch ‘de Bajan way’?  Or the way to season and cook our special little meals; home remedies; and old wives tales.

This Blog will be sharing memories of times past.  Things like the old kitchen and the old ways; and will try to show how the food or method of preparing it has evolved in time or tune with ‘technology’ as utensils changed.  In fact, getting away from traditional methods and recipes is part of our social dynamics and our economic perception.


How do you make Bajan Cherry Jam?  What are the ingredients in Jug Jug? What is the difference between a Great Cake and a Fruit Cake?

When do you use Bajan Pepper Sauce?  How to cook Cou Cou?  Do Flying Fish need to be seasoned?  Is Golden Apple Juice golden?  What are the benefits of Cereseee Bush?

Where does Mauby come from?  What is a Buck Pot? What are our favourite party foods?  Do we have any real Game?  Are our Swamp fish edible?  What are some of our popular spices and herbs?

These are just some of the questions we will be answering to add salt to the offerings here. And to juice things up even more, we may go as far as Dinner and Menu ideas for your Barbadian (Bajan) night fest….in case you want to try one for that special occasion.  Maybe a Tropical Sunshine Menu for your children’s birthday feast!

Thank you again for reading and sharing in this project.  Together we shall go on to make this beautifulbarbados blog something that is useful and inspiring.



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