5 Deliciously Healthy Vegan & Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants To Try In Barbados

Originally posted on Bottled Sunshine | A Caribbean Travel Blog:
In Barbados, you may think that the island does not have many vegan or vegetarian options for you to choose from, but there are indeed a variety of restaurants and/or cafés which offer vegan, vegetarian as well as gluten-free options. Here you’ll find a selection of dining options which offer…

Songs of Barbados

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Independence for Barbados. Here are links to some Barbados songs by Barbadians that are expressive of Bajans and how we feel about our land. My Country to Me by Mark Lord Bim I Love You  by Red Plastic Bag Emmerton  by The Mighty Gabby   Some of the songs really … More Songs of Barbados