Picture Postcard 12



Dear Matey,

I am here sandwiched between a rock and a hard place.  That geezer still about so I am staying far away and lying low. I suspect his  goon and his goon’s Canadian bride-to-be/ girlfriend/bird blew out of here recently.  Heard one of the chief asses was due in though. This one a gal from NY or thereabouts.  A ‘money bag’.

Heard yesterday the threat is removed but I haven’t checked.  Still, if so I’d need clearance etc.  I ain’t taking no chances.  That’s why I’m writing Matey. This geezer is INSANE.  Don’t know what boogie traps, that’s right, boogie traps, could be waiting for me to show my face.

There’s some kinda celebration on here too, seems like the Island celebrating some big Independence do in a couple days though you can’t really feel it in the air.  At least I can’t.  Might be a local thing.  Been too busy anyway. But I know they plan some REAL fireworks.  Would be good to watch, maybe from up a tree somewhere close by.  Loads of digging and concreting was going on for the expected visiting Dignitaries Garrison salute.  Seems some of the fireworks scheduled to take off from there.   Dunno though, gotta keep my head low ’til I have CLEARANCE.

A couple people told me the North of the Island was a good place to hide out, so, you know me, I went elsewhere.  Stopping well away!  Not hiding up in no country bush rock and pot-hole area without a good map and fricking loyal guide.  Plus they like cutting off the water out in those areas just for the fun of it!

I went down to Enterprise a little while back.  That place is sandwiched too, between what I gather is Oistins Fish Port and Silver Sands here on the South of the Island.  I have been muddling about with odd jobs here and there in those parts.  Even grew me a beard and posing as a drugged up island luvvie.  Not far off cause the funds running low since I had to go into hiding.  Not ventured into the town in yonks and that’s where me money is.  Plan to get off the coast vp though.

Still loving this Buhbaduss  (that’s what the locals in some places call it) but the geezer!!  He scares the beeejeeesuses outa me.  Could take him out on the sly, but I ain’t got them sorta papers for starters and I don’t fancy jail here even if I love the bloody Island.

Say a prayer for me Matey,  if all fails, see ya in Brazil.

Your friend,



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