My word for the day is digression.  The meaning, as given by the Free Dictionary, is:  a message that departs from the main subject.

Some people digress to evade the subject, or to stall for time when they are uncertain what to do, where to go next on a particular journey or project, or what to say.

Of these the most harmful, I would say, is digression to evade.  Why evade a subject or situation?  One cannot stop the inevitable; neither can on hold on to one’s integrity or have dignity by evading a particular subject.

Stay true to the subject.  See it through.  Clear the air.  Deal with the situation –

To Be Or Not To Be is ALWAYS the question.


I sat on another hot glorious day outside a little shop sipping a soda.  The afternoon winds were cooling.  I was enjoying the rest and shade.  I started looking at this white car in the photo, and then a pigeon landed and by walking about, just walking about, drew my attention to it.

The car was still there.  Larger.  Motionless.  More interesting.  Necessary.  Yet I allowed a measly dingy pigeon to cause my thoughts to digress.  There is nothing interesting about a dingy pigeon, especially when you are considering the pros of buying a car.  I digress because maybe I am fearful.  Fearful of the cost, maintenance, hassle, whatever.  Perhaps I don’t want to own a car.  Perhaps I have an unknown trepidation of having an accident when driving.  So I digress, and watch a dingy measly pigeon while time marches on…did I miss the moment?

Strength of mind would have dictated that I stick to the subject, come to a conclusion and act upon it.

Consider the consequences if it had been a discussion with someone, and not a debate with myself.

This someone is in a position to help me in some way get a car and he and I are discussing it.

The pigeon lands—“how much are you willing to pay?”—and walks about.  I then start talking to this person about how dingy and mingy pigeons are, and I do not understand how people can eat them. “Ugh!”

The person I am talking to will then think I am batty, scatty or not serious.  My integrity shot, I lose a helper.  My dignity, linked to my integrity, now begs me to reconsider my digression.  Can it recover ground?  Only if I can make up the lost time, i.e. give that person a straight truthful answer.  “6000.”  Immediately, I am back in position.


You can stall for time, but time marches on.  It waits for no man.

Rather than digress, progress.


Thank you for reading.

Please add your thoughts and comments below…..


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