Barbados My Island Home -5


I’d like to tell you a story

Of how good God’s been to me.

He took me from my Bajan mother’s womb

In England

And placed me in Barbados

Way above the Moon.


I love Barbados.  It is my home.  I wanted to show why and how it is beautiful to me.  Hence this blog.  A blog about Barbados.

It is not meant to be a “Travel Blog” as such, although Barbados is a rather well-known tourist destination and depends on the Tourism Industry as a major source of income and exchange.

It is my home, and while I may travel around it as is my custom, I am not really a visitor on vacation with a visitor’s perspective.  So although Barbados welcomes many travelers and vacationers each year, this blog is for all and sundry.  I hope that you will view it and get to know a bit more mundane, interesting, useless, helpful or even surprising stuff about Barbados and its people culture history or heritage, and current state.

This will take time I know, and in that time I shall get my photography up to a more respectable standard, and try to fashion and shape the blog as the ultimate statement on Barbados.

Yes, I have high expectations for myself in this as I feel those of us who truly love Barbados  are like any true lovers.  We want to display our love and present our loved one to the world.  Thing is, like true lovers we do not necessarily care to hide the warts of the loved one, but where possible and necessary, acknowledge them and find the cure if applicable.  Because we love anyway.

Barbados is the only place I want, and ever wanted, to live.  I have not been to many countries.  The almost requisite stay in the USA, the months in Curacao, the trips to Canada, the regular Caribbean Island ‘pop-overs’, and the long sojourn in the UK  could not cloud my desire or love for Barbados.

Things are better elsewhere.  Over in away (Bajan phrase) things are more advanced, money or jobs easier to come by, people more sophisticated etc.  But for us real Barbadians, there still ain’t no place like Buhbaduss.

The water sweeter here.  The Sun rises here first. The local indigenous produce is better, tastes better and is better for you.  The traditional meals the only meals worth having.  Do I go on?  The Beer (Banks) is the best in the world.  The Rum (Mount Gay, Cockspur, etc.) is just right.  It won’t burn out your gullet but aint easy either.  The women are the sweetest and the men the foolishest (most foolish) but we love them. 🙂

The sea is cooler, more refreshing and healing than anywhere!  The roads cracked, pot-holed or bumpy…and narrow, but who cares? The air something to die for; or die of on a really hot day.  The people mostly friendly and laid-back to the point of seeming laziness.  The land rich, kind to us and supports us well.  The mornings instruct us and the evenings admonish us.

O.K. So we are a small island with no ‘natural resources’ of which to speak.  But we are beautiful.  It is this beauty which does not slap you in the face, that makes us love Barbados.  She is gentle, yet strong.  She is nourishing and nurturing.  She is not tall or fat or wealthy, nor poor.  She is tolerant and sustaining.  She  educates and teaches.  She loves us and hears our crying, soothes us with her wind and soft breezes.  She puts up with our slights.  She feeds us. She gives us physical, visual pleasures.  She is more than all the world to us.  She is like the Earth itself.  She is our Mother.

Sand, Almond Trees

Sun, Sea and Sand. ( And a bit of brown earth).  Barbados.  Island In The Sun

The Merry Men of Barbados are a National Heritage.  Enjoy their music with a lovely cold Lemonade, Mauby or Rum.

Thank you for continuing to view, follow and otherwise share in this enterprise, beautifulbarbadosblog.  x



  1. We have that in common, my friend. The island I live on, Manhattan, is also a popular tourist destination. It is my home, and I love sharing the mundane, every-day experience of just living here. 😉 xoxoM

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