Boating Barbados

The Round Barbados Race is a yearly event which sees cruisers and boats of all types and classes sailing their way around the coast of our small island. This year was its eightieth anniversary.

Some weeks ago I managed to capture a couple of photos of a Mount Gay*  catamaran and put these into a slide show – my first attempt.

Throughout the year though, there is deep-sea fishing, sailing, day trips and pleasure cruises.  This means that there is still a good number of vessels both local and foreign in Barbados’ waters from which to create your own postcard.

These can be hired or admired from almost any where along our scenic coast, but you will get a close up view and perhaps better inspection at places like Carlisle Bay and the Bridgetown Careenage.

Cruisers At Anchor, Barbados Careenage, With View Of Houses Of Parliament
‘Anchored’ In Bridgetown

Many of the vessels for hire for one day fishing trips or full week or more pleasure cruising can be spotted, at one time or another, docked in the Careenage in Bridgetown.  This is because despite Carlisle Bay and places like Port Ferdinand and Port Charles having super facilities and fine beaches, Bridgetown is the Capital City and a hub for tourists, affording easy access to booking offices.  The Careenage is also a stone’s throw away from the main Sea Port at the Deep Water Harbour, and Immigration and Customs Departments.

Along the Careenage you will also find spacious bars and cafes and related shops which cater to the modern sailor.  They have a habit of turning into entertainment venues, so live bands and performances, including Jazz, can be enjoyed even as you sip a cocktail or two.

This photo was taken from the upstairs balcony of one such place as I stopped by for my Happy Hour rum punches after a bit of shopping.  From here I also had a clear view of the Houses Of Parliament with its 1800’s Clock Tower.

The Mount Gay Round Barbados Race takes place in January.  It is Barbados’ ultimate sailing challenge. The date for next year’s (2017) regatta is January 16-24. For more information contact the event organizer, Alene, at the Barbados Cruising Club.  Email:

Whatever boat you sail or hire, make sure you have a bottle of Mount Gay* rum on hand. It is great medicine.





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