Art Is Long, and Time Is Fleeting

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  1. […] What kind of Barbadian was I?  My own adage coming from his lips knocked me for six.  I had to take a chill pill. Needless to say he has not returned any of my calls etc.  You see, we don’t do stress.  I understand.  I am the same.  I had a temporary lapse, being not long back home and forgetting who I was and where I was.  To him I was likely coming over like a British Prat (Prattler) and he would have none of that.  As for the ensuing rejection of my phone calls, as I say, I understand.  I have done and do the same.  Why fill your ears or space or time with whinging moaning stress-upped unproductive  miserable verbiage and people?  I mean,  art is long and time is fleeting. […]


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